Wear SolePower Boots and charge your phone by walking

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 Walking has always been perceived as means of physical activity and with increasing trend of obesity, it has become an essential and convenient way for weight loss. Generally a person with a brisk half an hour walk is expected to lose weight.

The way science has given newer version and meaning to everything, it has also broadened the meaning of walk, with a new angle and newer perspective far different from one can assume. Check out these power boots!

SolePower has brought upon power boots that can charge your phone while walking. This latest innovation to the physical activity has given a different aspect to the term. Any portable device can be charged through the power boots while you walk and jog.

Gadgets and devices despite being updated constantly and matching the pace of technology, have not yet come to a solution for the fast draining batteries, but with the advent of these SolePower boots, you are rarely going to run out of phone battery.

SolePower aimed for something much creative and tech savvy to deal this issue and came up with smart boots. In the Mother of Invention (MOI) in 2017 by Toyota, Founder and CEO Hahna Alexander shed light on the mission of the power sole that the company has aimed to provide self-sustained wearables to provide much better and improved living standards for the customers. The MOI also aims to promote the women entrepreneurs, their innovations, and hard work.

What are Power boots?

The dying batteries are no more problems if one possesses these power boots which charge your gadgets while walking. It has been launched in Jul 2013 and since then; it has been the source of immense benefits for the users.  The entrepreneur is smart enough to utilize the kinetic energy into electrical energy through the Engineering class project at Carnegie Mellon University.

The kinetic energy generated from the heels is used to activate the micro generator spinning in the mechanical systems. The energy from the power walk is converted into charging of a number of applications, embedded location trackers, sensors, and lights.

Benefits of Power Boots?

Yes, they are of much greater use for the users than expected. The embedded kinetic chargers called Insoles are wonder and work on the most common activity, walking in which most of the people are engaged.

These smart boots have been in the limelight of military staff who are going to use these as power backups, instead of carrying the bulk of batteries.

Besides being much preferred in the army, it is expected to cater the employees’ safety and security issues. The GPS enabled system will help employees in tracking locations and warn of them of the dangers beforehand.

It may also serve the organizations which are working for the security, safety, cost-effective methods for providing workplaces safety to the employees at miles.

Sole power is also expected to serve the developing nations. The SolePower explained that the way developing nations heavily rely on the cell phones usage and among 6 billion users across the globe; 1.5 billion people are mobile users. It is not possibly far off when the developing nations will use the powered insoles to combat electricity crisis and failures.

The firemen who face visibility issues while saving the victims from the fire are also to reap the benefits of the Power boots. The top-notch boot makers have requested the Powersole to devise it with lights which can be used at the time of too much smoke and panic situation.

People are hardly conscious due to extreme anxiety and lower oxygen levels, but these can aid the firemen to rescue the victims and reduce the dangers of battery explosions in such excessive heat.

Therefore, the power boots are anticipated to revolutionize the charging of gadgets and serve in various capacities. The owner, herself showed hope that these boots will help the soldiers who are carrying 20 pounds of the battery along for one day mission and working is done on it for better results. The world is advancing with radical and more sophisticated versions towards a new and safer world.

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