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Call of Duty: Warzone – How to Fix Dev Error 6634 on PC?

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As 2021 heads into the end of its first quarter, the gaming world currently sits with bated breath. The past 2 months have given us a slew of great games, and smaller-scale ones too. Think of Hitman 3, a fantastic conclusion to the iconic trilogy. Or look at the unexpected hit, Valheim, an Early-Access title that made waves as the top Steam game for weeks now. However, the current release schedule of other highly-anticipated titles is somewhat…sparse. The gaming community knows of the existence of big-budget AAA games like Far Cry 6 and Battlefield 6. But the lack of any formal information or teasers has the environment unexcitable. So what games should players turn to in times like this? The answer, in our opinion, is 2020’s terrific Call of Duty: Warzone.

We know, recommending a Call of Duty title in this day and age sounds immature. After all, years of formulaic, hyper-patriotic shooters with little improvements to Multiplayer modes make the franchise stale. Call of Duty, especially after the release of the relatively lackluster Black Ops Cold War recently, feels like a series far past its prime.

However, there’s a case to be made: Warzone is an exceptionally fun, well-rounded, and polished Battle Royale title. It benefits from breaking away from the overdone franchise formula and balancing the core concepts of the Battle Royale genre.

However, let’s not sugarcoat the harsh truth. Call of Duty: Warzone is a game with several technical issues. Players frequently encounter errors like Warzone server errors, as well as game crashes and connection errors. Even the basic gameplay isn’t bug-free and seems to facilitate game-breaking cheats and exploits. Just look at the still-unresolved infinite stim glitch that is ruining competitive matches. And now, players face a new error that has emerged recently.


The Warzone Dev Error 6634 is growing increasingly common and makes the game unplayable

Many players across all the PC gaming spectrum complain of facing this Warzone dev error 6634. Like all dev errors, the issue springs up seemingly at random. It can pop up even during intensive gameplay, such as during the campaign. And if it comes up during a competitive multiplayer match online, then it really sets affected players back. That’s because the error results in the game kicking players out of whatever activity they’re engaged in. You could potentially lose campaign mode progress, and lose hard-won match data if it hits before the score is recorded.

The worst part of the error is the tendency of it recurring. Its highly persistent nature means that a simple retry of launching the game won’t help very much. Furthermore, numerous commonly-used fixes that work for other bugs and errors typically don’t do much for this issue. In fact, some users have practically given up:

While this may seem like an exaggeration, it certainly pays to get your game up and running again. To that end, we’ve got you covered. Our handy guide will show you the best, most reliable ways to resolve the Warzone dev error 6634.

1) Restart your PC, then restart Warzone

We know, we know, this fix sounds extremely low-brow. It seems obvious that retrying the game would help fix it. However, it is simply alarming how many gamers just ignore the most effective frontline fix. This is because your computer functions like all basic computers. It comprises numerous processes, all working in tandem. When one of them starts up abnormally, it can result in a bug and corrupted data sets. If multiple processes are affected, then it can lead to a systemic error. This may result in in-game errors and crashes.

The solution is the restart your PC. This kills off all active processes and ensures they restart correctly. Also, it will clear your RAM of any corrupted data from the game’s processes. Once this is done, you can launch the game again.

2) Restart your router, and configure your advanced network settings

If your router is overwhelmed by traffic influx, then it may require a restart. To do this, power it off for 30 seconds, then back on. Also, we’d recommend setting up a wired Ethernet connection for better stability, reducing latency and packet loss.

You can take things a step further by contacting your ISP for router portal login credentials. Using this, you can access your network’s portal to better optimize advanced connectivity settings. These include enabling QoS (Quality of Service) and changing NAT type from Strict to Moderate. The former works to prioritize connection to the Call of Duty servers, while the latter loosen security to boost connection strength.

3) Change your loadout, skins, and other cross-game content back to the default

Similar errors to the Warzone dev error 6634 occur when the game fails to render DLC content. This includes weapon and character cosmetic items from the Black Ops Cold War expansions. Reverting your items and loadouts back to the default may help.

Do this, and try restarting your game. It may also help to log out, then back into, your Activision account. This will help resync your carried-over data from other integrated Call of Duty titles to Warzone.

4) Update your game drivers

Like games themselves, the software that helps your GPU run games needs routine updates too. These come from the official sources of your graphics card and contain improvements to your game’s performance. For instance, one upcoming driver update is set to incorporate Nvidia DLSS 2.0 to Warzone. Therefore, to keep your games running bug-free, update your drivers regularly.

For Nvidia driver updates, check the GeForce Experience app. For AMD drivers, check here.

5) Reinstall Warzone

This is something of a last resort, and only should be considered if you suspect an internal error or corrupted game file. This can occur due to malware, or, more commonly, a simple bug in the game’s installation. Therefore, reinstalling will give you completely intact files, and clear up the corrupted data from your storage. Just mind the huge download size, though, as it can hamper even the best internet bandwidths.




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