Want to totally customize your PC or laptop? Origin PC is your best bet!

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When it comes to customization level, Origin PC is the first brand which comes to our minds. While offering decent specs, the major thing which attracts customers all around the globe is how they can virtually custom build their own PC, yet all the work is done by Origin.

Origin PC showcased their systems at this year’s CES too, which were all about the design, and how one can change every aspect of their machine. From laser-etching to texture printing, and even custom paint options, you can design your PC the way you want. Not only this, but this customization level extends further to system components to minor design tweaks as well.

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Talking about the CES, Origin PC was recently awarded a patent for its 4-way motherboard mounting system for its Genesis tower PC series. Due to this unique design, one can easily re-orient the motherboard rack in 4 different orientations. This makes it easier for you to decide where the backplane sits.

Even the plastics they employ aren’t the casual cheap ones but upgraded for better design and quality. Where possible and feasible, there are also options to replace it with tempered-glass panels. To hold the top and doors together, magnets are employed. You can also go for a VR Panel with a sliding cover too. To make it easier to install cards without the use of major tools, Origin PC also provides thumbscrews.

It doesn’t just stop here, but one can also get a shroud for their power supply so that the color of the components matches to make up for an appealing look.

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When it comes to components, you can always opt for your own size of RAM and even if you want a single or dual combination. Furthermore, you can also decide on the amount of storage you want, and even if you want a Hard Drive, an SSD or even a SSHD. Moreover, you also have the liberty to decide the GPU or CPU, though with limited options. In addition to this, one can also opt for the display quality which suits their needs ranging from 720p to QHD displays.

Therefore, if you ever feel the need to have a completely custom PC or laptop, you must give Origin PC a try.


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