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‘The Wallet Gets Smart’ – Best Smart Wallets of the Year

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In a world where everything is getting smart, from watches to cars to phones, why should your wallet stay behind? The wallet of today still has paper currency and cards and there is yet a long way to go to achieve the truly wallet-less, digital currency existence, the current wallet is going through a smart transformation nonetheless. A smart wallet, therefore, is the first of many steps towards the future of our money matters.

Smart wallets are slowly emerging on the horizon and as much as you think you may not need one, you will be drawn into its charms and usefulness once you hear about all the amazing features these wallets can have.

Perhaps the best feature so far is the alarm or notification you get on your mobile phone if you forget your wallet somewhere. Bluetooth, fingerprint scanner and even a camera are some of the features to get you excited about the world of smart wallets.

There are three particular smart wallets to look out for in the market for all the techno-heads out there. These are listed below:


Walli Smart Wallet

Walli is one of many smart wallets being introduced into the market very soon. After its successful crowd funding, production is underway and this wallet will hit the store shelves sooner than you think.

Among many useful features, the best feature is this wallet’s ability to detect and notify you if a certain card is missing from your wallet. This is a great feature because often times we remove our debit/credit card from our wallet or any other important card for that matter for use somewhere and either forget to return it to the wallet or sometimes simply lose it.

With the Walli smart wallet, you will be notified about a missing card after a certain time has passed. It comes with a timer. This can save us from a lot of embarrassing situations as well as ensure prompt action in case of theft.

It uses Bluetooth technology to let you track it in case you lose your wallet or cannot seem to remember where you put it. It also works the other way around and notifies you in case you lose your smartphone. Our wallets hold the most important documents such as our driver’s license, our identification, credit and debit cards apart from other important things. The tracker feature in this smart wallet is an important need being fulfilled.

Moreover, this wallet comes with RFID protection and keeps you safe from criminals. This wallet is a welcome addition in the world of all things smart. It comes with an app that can be easily downloaded to your smartphone. Through this app, your smart wallet connects to your smartphone in order to send you important notifications and to set-up your wallet settings.


Wocket Smart Wallet

Wocket is the most sophisticated and intelligent wallet introduced so far. It is all about practicality and making your life hassle free.

Rather than carrying many cards, you only need your Wocket smart wallet and that should be sufficient. This is achieved by scanning all your important cards into your smart wallet and then using only one card for everything. A general purpose Wocket card is available with the smart wallet. This card is rewritable and can carry any card’s details once you have selected that card on the wallet’s touchscreen interface.

This preprogrammed wallet literally diminishes the need for carrying a wallet full of cards and simplifies our lives like never before. This is a great concept and a unique idea regarding how we function in our everyday lives. In order to maintain the security of our important cards, this wallet comes with a PIN-based security system. To bolster that, it also has a voice based security system.

The Wocket is already available on its website for all the tech enthusiasts out there. It is worth a try, especially for the tech-savvy gadget lovers.


Volterman Smart Wallet

Although not yet available for purchase, the Volterman is one of the most feature-full smart wallets that have been introduced in the market for crowd funding. It will most probably reach store shelves in December.

This smart wallet boasts some jaw dropping features, all of which we could only once imagine. The most attractive feature so far is how you can use it to charge your smartphone! Correct there are battery banks available in the market for that purpose. But one doesn’t always want to carry that extra load. Whereas a wallet is a must-have companion every time you step out of your house. The second most important thing we all carry after a wallet is our smartphone.

Volterman Smart Wallet
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Therefore, say hello to a clutter-free life. This smart wallet does it all. It has GPS and 3G connectivity, a Wi-Fi hotspot and a charging bank. It also features RFID protection. Like all the other smart wallets in the market, the Volterman makes use of Bluetooth technology.

Through this technology, it can notify you if you ever forget or lose your wallet. No need to worry about pick pockets anymore because your smartphone will start screaming if your wallet goes out of range.

Volterman Smart Wallet
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The Volterman smart wallet comes in three sizes and types and sports a range of batteries, as required. This wallet can even wirelessly charge your phone if wireless charging option is supported by your phone. It can also wirelessly charge itself with its wireless charging pad.

It sports Bluetooth 5.0. Despite all the listed features, this smart wallet does not compromise on aesthetics. It is extremely light weight and is not bulky. It is slim and has its charging cable concealed in a way so as not to ruin its looks.

This amazing smart wallet even has a tiny camera that gets functional once your wallet is lost. So, whoever steals your wallet cannot get away with opening your wallet without being photographed first. The photos are then emailed to the original user in a bid to make it easy to identify the thief.

It also has a tracker in order to find its location in case of theft or misplacement. The design is casual yet graceful. It does not look like a bizarre experiment and seems perfect in all regards. No wonder the makers call it the most powerful smart wallet ever.

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