Waking up Amazon Alexa on Windows Machines is now possible using Cortana

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If you already have the Alexa app installed but also disappointed that you can’t talk to Alexa directly, then, fortunately, there is a way now to do so – and it involves Cortana.

This feature is only limited to people in the United States for now. Other countries are expected to join the list soon too. To simply talk to Alexa, just say “Open Alexa” to your Windows Cortana. For the first time, you would be required to sign in to Alexa app using your Amazon account, and after that, you can simply use Alexa by saying the same trigger word.

It should be noted that this doesn’t seem to work if you literally type “Open Alexa” to Cortana – you have to speak instead.

This is certainly good news for those people who don’t have Alexa-compatible devices but still want to use Alexa with the wake-up call feature too since that was the only thing missing on non-compatible devices with the Alexa app.

If you haven’t already installed Alexa on your computer then you can do so by following our article over here.

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