Vivint Smart Home Security System – How strong is it?

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In the current era of terrorism and rise in crimes, smart home security systems are a must. There has been phenomenal growth in this market, but the question which remains unanswered is where to spend that hard-earned money! The Vivint’s smart home offers smart home monitoring without the hassle of long-term contracts.

The starting price tag of $550 is not that hard on the pocket, but there is a catch. You shall have to to pay at least $40 a month, to get app control, security monitoring and other must have features which make up the basics of smart home monitoring.

The bright side to this is that it is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home and Nest Thermostats, therefore can be easily accessible. Along with the starter kit, there is a touchscreen SkyControl panel which essentially provides you with a choice of six smart sensors.

One can choose from a carbon monoxide detector, a smoke detector, motion sensor, door/window sensors, flood freeze sensors, and a glass back detector.

Though there is an added option which enable you to add additional devices, which would cost some bucks more. Though, you also need to add at least $198 for the installation, though these charges can be waived off by availing certain promotions.

At the focal point of the Vivint suite of items is the 7-inch SkyControl board. This white, wall mounted Sky Board is used to access every device from one place. Controlling and changing every one of your device here is quite easy. The board’s size and shape feels somewhat unusual, however the interface is straightforward and simple to explore.

This sky-board control has a backup power and also has added cellular connectivity which essentially means it will continue running during power shortages or when your WiFi is not working.

Another benefit to using this as your smart home solution is that in case you are away from your place you can easily access your Smart Home devices by using the Vivint app, which is basically a mobile version of the SkyControl panel, which you can use to access and view any notifications.

Furthermore, it also has an added four digit pin for added security so that no unauthorised person could have the privilege to disable devices. In this age, where people tend to save every penny, convincingly people to adopt smart home solutions can be quite challenging.

To make sure that the customers do opt in, instead of being hesitant about the price of packages, Vivid has recently revised its payment plans. There is this option of Vivint Flex Play, which is basically a remodel of the cell phone market. There is a contract with the Citizens Bank through which the customers can avail a smart home package with zero percent markup on the installment plan.

As far as the monthly payments are concerned, you would be charged $40 if you opt in for Smart Security or $50 if you decide in favor of Smart Home Video. You don’t have to worry about termination of your service agreement, since it stretches out the length of your loan.

Moreover it includes around the clock professional monitoring with added emergency response, a cellular internet plan, thirty days of video footage, co operative customer support, in home service and equipment protection. There is an alternative to this contract if you decide on paying for the devices upfront. Thought, all that glitters is not gold.

There is a downside that in case of not opting for a monthly plan, there is much to lose. Without the monitoring functionality, the smart home would only be able to sound a local alarm, in case of a burglary, fire and other device alerts. The 911 or your local emergency services wont be notified in this case.

That’s what could make some customers hesitant. Not only this but, if you decide to shift to some other place, you could be charged around $99 depending on the terms and conditions of your contract, but that can be waived off due to their loyalty program, if you have been their customer for more than a year.

Conclusively, considering other smart home solutions in the price tag, Vivid is quite reasonably high on value for money.

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