VISVO; Hi Tech Backpack with LED lights, Power bank, USB Port and much more

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Getting the best backpack to suit your needs is the toughest choice to make. With so many options in the market in the end one always end up buying the leather sack to carry on the shoulders. However, with Visvo, you have got something entirely different in the market.

A new Kickstarter campaign presents Backpacks from the future which are not only used to carry stuff around rather you get to carry them in complete style and very tech-class manner. The company is relatively new and is hoping to gather funds at Kickstarter, to carry on and introduce the line of smart backpacks, which is embedded with some of very cool tech features you would definitely want to find out for yourself.

The bags are designed keeping the user utility at the forefront, allowing services like charging on the go. Tech savvy and full of nifty tricks the intelligent backpacks features tough, waterproof fabric, great storage space and let’s no forget the sparkly lights!! These features would be discussed in detail in the proceeding section.

Each bag is adorned with the features you would definitely want in your back pack. In order to charge devices a 13,400 mAh battery is thereto serve the purpose, additionally it possesses a pocket with Qi charging capabilities,. The highlight though is the LED lights on the straps, which are there or visibility at night. You now won’t have to worry about carrying your bag carefully for the fear of your laptop in it. Since the Visvo bag has built in shock absorber, which prevent any hard impact by evenly distributing out the force.

Despite other amazing features, the one that caught my eye were definitely the shoulder straps. In addition to the LED lights these straps have powerful magnets which serve to hold your headphones, preventing them from falling.

The backpack is littered with USB ports, which are hidden from view, additionally there are three built in the battery pack. And to top it off, the internal wiring is neatly encased at one place at the back which can be accessed through a handy zipper. Removing the hassle of jumbling cables to charge the internal battery.

The rest of the Novel line is your usual backpack but you would question yourself definitely after seeing them that why did not anyone come up with this brilliant idea before. For the backpacks are a perfect utility for people on the go!

The base model Novel 1.0, starts at around $293 for early-bird pricing, with the larger Novel 2.0 at roughly $316, and the most feature-laden Novel 3.0 at around $352. The bags are most likely to ship until July 2018, so you kind of have to wait till then!

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