Valheim on PC – How to Fix Frequent Crashes and Stutters while playing

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Sometimes, it is important to step back from what is familiar and try new things. Whether that means actually playing a new, relatively less well-known game is up to you. Indeed, at this point in time it’s an unusual state of quietness in the gaming world. After the acclaimed release of Hitman 3, no such major AAA title has received an announcement. We know there will come a Far Cry 6, and a Battlefield 6, and probably a new Call of Duty at the end of the year. What those will entail, and when they’ll come out exactly, is unclear. Hence, now is the best time for PC gamers to check out the emergent king of Steam, Valheim. Set aside Cyberpunk 2077, and come and see why millions are digging developer Iron Gate Studios‘ newest Early-Access title.

If you haven’t heard of it just yet, think of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla meets Ark: Survival Evolved. You play as a lone Viking warrior, in a procedurally-generated world of Norse mythology. The game features several survival and crafting mechanics, and a need to build shelter, catch food and defeat dangerous enemies.

Materials and resources help you craft better weapons and gear, so you can venture out even further from the safe zone to explore. Meanwhile, the game supports up to 10 players in a multiplayer session, with both PvE and PvP available. It’s a seriously fun experience, with plenty of added content, tweaks and improvements sure to come once the full game launches.

That said, Valheim is still far from perfect. Owing to the unfinished nature of the game, several errors and issues occur when playing the title. While the purpose of going to Early-Access is to use community feedback to test the game, much needs addressing. Players on Steam already complain of glitches and bugs in the game, regardless of hardware power.

Players on Steam complain of numerous instances of Valheim crashes and the game failing to launch

Recently, the small but growing Valheim community is understandably worried about the state of their game. Numerous gamers complain that the title runs rather poorly even on powerful hardware. After all, one would think that a Ryzen 7 and an RTX 3080 suffice the requirements of a relatively simple game like Valheim. However, this is not the case, with widespread reports of Valheim crashing and generally unstable performance.

One typical example is when the game crashes upon loading into the world. Various theories suggest the reason to stem from the sudden surge in CPU usage and poor optimization. Others facing similar issues note that this Valheim crash is preceded by framerate dips and stuttering. Furthermore, it seems that simply relaunching the game is not effective, as the issue seems recurrent.

However, that doesn’t mean players can’t resolve this issue at all. Our handy guide aims to show you the best ways to fix the Valheim crash issue. We show you only the most reliable and certifiably effective methods, so you can get back to your world in no time. Keep in mind, however, that the game is still technically unreleased in its full form. Therefore, you can expect dramatic overhauls and bug fixes when Iron Gate releases it completely. In the meantime, let’s look at the best ways to prevent Valheim crashes.

1) Restart your PC and launch Valheim again

The main go-to for every tech expert, regardless of the field, is the age-old “turn it off and on again”. Why you ask? Because this fix, although cliched, actually gets results. Like any computer, your PC comprises countless, intricate processes working in tandem. Sometimes, they can develop an error upon launch, and misbehave. When multiple processes face bugs, it leads to a systemic error. This can make any program or game crash and run unexpectedly.

To solve this, restart your PC. This can easily kill off any misbehaving processes, and ensure they run smoothly on startup. In addition, it will also eradicate corrupted data caches and free up your RAM for a smoother game launch.

2) Make sure you have up-to-date game drivers

The main source of graphical processing in games is your GPU. Most GPU’s come in either the AMD or the Nvidia variety. What you must know as a gamer is the importance of drivers. Drivers essentially consist of software packages that optimize your gaming experience, fix bugs and ensure newer titles run well. Therefore, it is paramount that you check for new driver updates. Nvidia users can check the GeForce Experience app, while AMD users can look here.

3) Verify the game’s integrity in the Steam launcher

Along with the newer launcher, Steam makes up just one of few possessing a key tool. This useful tool is the ability to verify file integrity in games. Essentially, it checks your game’s installation files against the correct layout in its servers. Any discrepancies are corrected, and major issues troubleshot immediately. This leads to better chances of catching a major bug and fixing it to prevent crashes and errors.

To do this, head to the Library section of the Steam launcher. Then, look for the options for Valheim. Open Properties, then select the Verify Game option. This process will fix your game in mere moments.

4) Disable third-party apps, then relaunch the game

Often at times, seemingly innocuous programs can interfere with each other. It’s like mixing ordinary vinegar with ordinary baking soda, such that neither can do its job properly. While the developers of official programs like GeForce Overlay, MSI Afterburner, etc try to make their apps compatible with many others, sometimes they can randomly affect games. This can cause minor effects, like FPS drops, to major crashes. Therefore, if you have any unecessary third-party apps running, disable them then launch the game again.

5) Reinstall Valheim, then run it again

The bane of every PC gamer’s existence is inevitable downloading and installation times. Ever since our gaming has become more and more digital, the way we run games has too. This is always a pain unless you have an exceptionally fast internet bandwidth, which most do not, owing to the long wait times. Now, every game that isn’t in the form of a DVD needs a download and installation. However, when your game is suffering from major crash issues, a reinstallation can help make a difference. This is because, due to either malware, HDD/SSD errors, or incorrect installation locations, errors or missing files in the game’s directory can spring up.

By reinstalling the game, you ensure that the new installation is secure and properly complete. Missing or broken files are replaced with new and complete ones. Your game also comes with the latest updates already applied, too. It may take some time, but it is definitely your best bet.

For more on PC gaming, Valheim and news, stay tuned!


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