Valheim: How to Fix the Load Error and recover your character?

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Recently, many games have been released including various AAA titles as well. Amidst these popular titles, one cannot write off Valheim who currently is rocking the steam charts. Developed by Iron gate studios, Valheim is an open-world game set in the Norse world of Valheim.

You can craft, battle, and explore the world and take on big monsters as well. This game has taken the survival genre by storm and puts a unique take on the genre. Within just 9 days of its release, Valheim has completed 1 million downloads on steam.

Errors upon release are part and parcel of the video game industry. Since the game launched recently, it is not uncommon to encounter several bugs and glitches. Since its release, Valheim has faced multiple issues such as player glitches, game crashing on PC, stuttering while playing, and loading error.

Players have been encountering errors such as unable to log into Valehim world, player glitches, and Loading error. So far there hasn’t been any fix from the developers but we have gathered some methods to resolve your issues. Follow the guide below to resolve player glitch and loading error in Valheim:

Restart Valheim on PC, run it as an Administrator

This is a go-to fix for any person despite its tech domain. Have You encountered a problem? turn it off and on and your issues get resolved. This trick is very simple yet powerful. Quite possible that some running game processes might get faulty and started to misbehave. Due to this, you encounter glitches and bugs while playing. First, we suggest you turn off your game and restart it after few seconds. This will kill those misbehaving tasks and launch your game without any faulty memory allocation.

As a precautionary measure, you can also restart your PC. Running over time, your PC might be affected due to such unwanted tasks and processes. These not only hinder PC performance but other applications as well. This clears faulty segments in RAM, clear cache, and kills unwanted processes.

Once you restart your system, try to run Valheim as an administrator. It indicates to the system that your application is safe and gives you control over the system. Simply right-click on the game shortcut and select the ‘Run as Administrator’ option. Continue to other technical fixes if these didn’t help you out.

Verify Valheim file Integrity on Steam

When downloading the game from steam, your game files could be damaged or missing. Luckily, steam allows you to verify these game files, It discards damaged files and reinstalls them again. In this way, you can get rid of in-game issues and optimizes game performance. To verify the file integrity of Valheim, follow the steps below:-

  • On your PC, launch Steam.
  • Head to Valheim library page and select ‘Manage’ and go to ‘Properties’
  • Select the ‘Local Files’ tab and hit the ‘Verify Integrity of game files’ button

This process will initiate game file verification and repair your damaged files by comparing them to the steam server. Hopefully, this would resolve your loading error and other in-game glitches.

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Delete fwl and Db files in the game directory

Another way of fixing load errors is to configure and deleted your backup folders. You can do this by deleting two files in the game directory. This will surely help to fix and if not, you can still backup your data for the world. Follow the steps below to delete files:-

  • Open ‘AppData’ from the window Run dialogue box
  • In AppData, navigate to the following directory:


  • Before moving to fix, make sure had made a backup in case anything goes wrong
  • From the folder, deleted files ‘.fwl’ and ‘.db’ files.
  • Now rename ‘fwl.old’ and ‘db.old’ by removing ‘.old’ extension

Save the settings and relaunch the game. Hopefully, it will fix the loading error and the login to Valheim world issues.

On PC update GPU drivers

One major reason for the game to misbehave on the system could be outdated drivers. Although Valheim isn’t an AAA title requiring heavy specs, still your drivers must be updated to the latest version to support it. Outdated drivers may result in graphical errors as well as game performance. Although drivers are set to auto-update chances are due to some error they may not be updating and need a manual update. You can update your drivers from AMD or NVIDIA application or check their homepage from the given links.

AMD Graphics Card

NVIDIA Graphics Card

Configure NAT and QoS settings

If you are unable to login into your world and get a load error, it could be due to your connection issues. One way to fix your connectivity is to restart your router to reset your weak connectivity. Simply turn off your router and turn it on after 5 seconds. To burden off the router load, simply disconnect wifi from idle devices. If these settings still didn’t help you out, you need to configure advanced router settings.

One reason for unable to login might be your restricted connection to game servers. It depends on your NAT type. If it is strict, chances are that your connection might be not secure, and unable to log in to your world. You have to change your NAT type from strict to open or moderate. You can do this manually by heading on to the settings menu from the router page. Look for the UPnP option and enable it. Save the settings and restart the router. It will build a secure connection and hopefully fix your login to the world errors.

You can also prioritize your game to get higher bandwidth than either process. You can configure this option from QoS settings in your router menu. Head to settings and look for QoS. Enable this and look for Valheim. Make it a high priority and save the settings. This will give maximum bandwidth to the game and remove connection issues.

Reinstall and launch Valheim again

This method is nothing but a pain for most gamers. Not everyone is privileged with high-speed internet to instantly download huge games. However, if you are unable to get rid of the loading error then you only have this option. Delete the game along with all files from the system and reinstall Valheim. Reinstalling it might make a difference.

Once you remove the game along with files, all the corrupted game files along with bugs are trashed out of your system memory and you could download it from start. This method requires patience and should only be used as a last resort.

If you are still reading, then you have run out of luck. If the errors are still there, you need to contact the Valheim support team. They will surely look into it and suggest you a quick fix. Valheim is rocking the Steam game charts and is a new and different game to play. Check it now and suit up as a Viking!.

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