Puzzling Utah Monolith mystery finally solved – Aliens or just a hoax?

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Aliens, the subject of popular folklore for decades, may still exist somewhere. As with most scientific phenomena, while theoretical, the absence can’t prove the non-existence. Put simply, just because we haven’t found something, doesn’t mean it can’t exist outside of our knowledge. This applies to all kinds of so-called “alien” artifacts throughout the years. That includes UFO’s, crop circles, SCP videos, and now, giant black monolith.

That’s right, you didn’t misread that last part. In the past weeks, two separate incidences have occurred far off from each other. And both times, the fact that no one knew of their origins led to immediate suspicions of extra-terrestrial life. Because if it looks mysterious and sleek, an alien definitely made it, right?

The first monolith was found in rural Utah

On November 18, a member of the Utah Department of Public Safety found the structure unexpectedly. It stood several meters tall, in an old abandoned cave. Sporting a sleek, dark silvery metallic sheen, its existence immediately went viral. Numerous memes and serious discussions of proof of alien visitors sprung online. The exact purpose of such a construct also remained unsettled, with broad speculations surfacing.

Then, just 10 days later, the structure apparently vanished overnight. By November 28, all that remained was a small triangular receptacle at the base. The local authorities confirmed that they had no involvement in any removal, and once again several different theories prevailed. On December 1, locals of the Bâtca Doamnei region, Romania, discovered a new construct. Like the one before it, this one bears marked loops and a height of about 12 feet. Once again, its origin and purpose baffled everyone.

A photographer managed to prove the constructs were hoaxes

Recently, a group of friends, among them professional photographers, decided to see the Utah monolith themselves. On Friday, Nov 27, they climbed up to a vantage point and began their photography and video recording. However, to their surprise they inadvertently witnessed a group of humans, not aliens, dismantling the construct.

This fortuitous discovery not only smashed the dreams of millions of fans of aliens but also provided a logical (though unsurprising) conclusion to one of the biggest mysteries of 2020. It is then inferred that the same group of people, for reasons unknown, also built the monolith in Romania.

While the move could just be a publicity stunt or an elaborate prank, the true cause remains unclear. As the photographers noted, the team carrying away the monolith didn’t provide any explanations. So we still do not truly know the reasons behind the idea, why the first was taken down, and why Utah and Romania of all places.

Some things may never see the light of day, like this closely-held secret. Still, though, for almost 2 weeks the entire world was enraptured and excited by the possible implications of their work. And that, we must agree, is priceless.

Even the Mayor of Piatra Neamt extended his appreciation of the monolith

Andrei Carabelea, the mayor of the town where the current monolith still stands (who knows for how long, though), recently voiced his amusement for the stunt. As he puts it, his remote, sleepy town can definitely use all the publicity it can get. Not to mention that he takes it as a sort of matter of honor that his locale was chosen over any other place on Earth.

For more on these monoliths, space exploration, and science fiction, stay tuned!

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