USI-TECH: Is it safe for investment? What are the profits and risks? How to safely use it?

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The on-going charismatic but competitive condition of the cryptocurrency market has lured thousands of people worldwide to invest in the digital currencies, especially in Bitcoin which has become the crypto-star of the year 2017 for its radically increased value.

Since the progress in the market value of Bitcoin looks unstoppable, investors are all around it, buying and selling, trading and mining it and whatnot. And to help people deal with their bitcoins, there are several online platforms available that claim to offer services of taking care of your money invested in cryptocurrency and provide you a fair share of profit.

But one of such platforms, USI-TECH is gaining more popularity than the others. A self-proclaimed world’s first automated trading platform for Bitcoin currency, USI-tech claims to grow your Bitcoins daily and guarantees you 1% regular payments for 140 working days straight.

This report is a compilation of what I discovered after doing thorough research, reaching out to the users of USI-tech and talking to the company’s personnel.

What is USI-TECH?

Calling itself a Technology company, USI-tech claims to have specialized in developing high-tech automated trading software that helps with Forex trading and Bitcoin currency.

The company’s record tells that it has been functioning in the Forex trading for almost 7 years, providing easy automated trading service to the VIP Forex investors only. However, we haven’t found any legal documents that state the actual origination date of the company.

Anyhow, following the contemporary situation of crypto-market, USI-tech has now expanded their trading service and included Bitcoin currency as well. The company is now mining the Bitcoin on behalf of their clients, by using the highly developed and inclusive automated trading software.

What does USI-tech actually do and why do people use it?

  • Bitcoin Mining

If we keep all the fancy pitch of the company aside, what US-tech basically does, apart from Forex trading, is mine the bitcoin, generate profits and give its fair share to everyone who invested in.

The added feature or service is their automated software that keeps on check the bitcoins being mined and traded. The software can be accessed and used by the members anytime, anywhere.

Now the question arises that if it’s only the Bitcoin Mining, why would anyone choose to go for such platforms like USI-Tech when mining can be done at home too? Well, what makes sense the best for reasoning it, is the current market condition of the Bitcoin currency itself.

The value of Bitcoin is currently touching the new sky every day and as fast as it is happening; not just the numbers of bitcoin are growing, but the investors as well.

More interest in Bitcoin means more bitcoin mining. Now Mining, as the meaning suggests, is the process of extracting or obtaining a useful substance out of the grounds. Bitcoin Mining has the same purpose; obtaining more bitcoins or growing them in number, but the means through which it is done is all about computer system which is pretty complicated.

Each bitcoin mining process involves a difficult computational puzzle that needs to be solved in order to figure out how many transactions have been made exactly. The results are added to a public ledger called blockchain and whoever is able to solve the puzzle first gets the reward of the newly born bitcoin.

Moreover, the efforts required setting up a system for Bitcoin mining is equally tricky as solving its puzzle is. You need strong hardware devices that are specially made for Bitcoin Mining, applicable software to run them and lots of electricity to keep them running for 24/7.

Therefore, what we came to understand the existence of platforms like USI-Tech is that investors find such companies an easy way to handle their bitcoins, its trading, and mining. The platform that provides the most accessible and clear automated trading and mining service receives the popularity and more investors. And USI-tech claims to provide a quality automated trading and mining which is open 24 hours for withdraws, hence the company getting more popularity than the others in the field.

  • Regular Profit

USI-tech offers different packages for both Bitcoin trading and BTC mining. The package starts from the least investment of 50 Euros and each package, regardless of the amount of investment, lasts till exactly 140 days. The software that runs the 140-days package is designed in a way that it generates 1% profit daily for a return of 140% of the full 140 days.

For example, if it’s just 50 Euro, you will receive 70 Euro in 140 days. The amount of return depends on the amount invested. But it greatly depends on the value of the Bitcoin as well. As the value keeps surging, the return profit is greater too and since the Bitcoin seems never to stop flying, people aren’t giving it a second thought, really.

  • MLM Marketing

Now, this is where you might get a little suspicious about the credibility of USI-tech, so did us. Multi-level marketing a.k.a MLM marketing is a controversial type of business tactic but it wouldn’t be wrong to say that no matter how contentious and bizarre it is, the strategy works most of the time.

In MLM marketing, sales companies intending to attract more customers, offer a bonus or commission to the existing members or distributors every time they bring more customers or distributors in to join the company. It is also true that in the market, companies adopting MLM marketing are often considered less credible.

However, USI-tech didn’t pay much heed to the infamous image of this strategy and included it as a part of their business plan. USI-tech offers 35% commissions on 12 referral levels, giving an open option to all the members to double the capital they earn.

This has certainly played a vital role in boosting the popularity of USI-tech company; one of the reasons why this company has successfully gathered a huge number of almost 400,000 members on its platform so far.

Is the USI-tech safe for investment?

Now coming to the main point; If USI-tech is safe and worth your money or not. The answer to this question has nothing to do with the company itself. As USI-tech is running on the current market situation of both forex trading and BTC, the safety of your investment entirely depends on the stability of the crypto market.

  • Transparency

The trading and mining software provided by USI-tech to its members is 100% automated and is totally accessible to members, all the time.

  • Instant withdraw

Members can withdraw their money any time they want; also the software can be turned off immediately if the market crashes, to prevent any unwanted trades or transactions.

How to safely use USI-tech?

If you wish to invest in BTC or Forex trading through USI-tech, start from their minimal package. Go to the official website of USI-tech and register for free.

Once logged in, you will be taken to your own dashboard where you can monitor and control your entire trading and mining. Choose the most convenient package to start your trade or BTC mining from and you’re good to go.

Once you have chosen your package and started off, your job is done. Software does rest of the work!



USI-tech is just a trading platform built by experienced investors who have a good know-how about the Forex trading and BTC mining. What we think about the company is that it may not have the validation, but their business and trading plan and their promises to make you earn from their strategies are certainly effective and reliable.

Its transparency is the most impressive part of our investment remains in front of our eyes through its all-time-accessible software. And the risk factor is also down to zero as BTC is reaching all-time high every new day.

Tip: Now is the time to use USI-tech for BTC as these days Bitcoin value keeps surging and people are mining it one way or another. Withdraw your money after you have earned your expected profit. If satisfied, you can re-buy your package anytime, otherwise, retrieve!


[Disclaimer: The opinions in this article are of the author and not FactsChronicle]


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