Usain Bolt’s Teammate Tests Positive for Drug Test

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Renowned Olympic gold medal runner Usain Bolt has just had one of his gold medals stripped away from him from the nine he currently possesses.

This came after a confirmation that during Bolt’s 4×100 meter relay race at the Beijing Olympics, Nesta Carter, 31, his teammate, had tested positive for a substance that is banned.

Carter’s positive drug test would mean that Bolt cannot be considered a gold medal winner for the triple-treble races. These races include the 100, 200, and 4×100 m relays that took place in the years of 2008, 2012, and as well as 2016.

Running Hard

As of now Bolt has not yet made a statement or comment about this matter. However, in 2016 he stated that he can do nothing but accept the verdict on this matter as he lost one of his gold medals.

Bolt expressed that such a matter has been heart shattering for him as he has strived hard throughout the years to collect all these gold medals through hard work.

Bolt added that sometimes things in life just happen, so if it has been asked of him to return a gold medal, then he has no problem in doing so.

The Banned Drug

Carter tested positive after it was revealed that he had traces of a stimulant that has been banned called Methylhexanamine.

About 454 blood and urine samples that had been frozen back from the 2008 Olympic Games underwent a second retesting under the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

However, the results had not been revealed until as of today. Carter was the sixth fastest runner in the world regarding the 100 m relays.

It was due to his efforts that the Jamaican team was able to set the world record in the relay with an impressive 37.10 seconds.

The banned drug has been prohibited ever since back in 2004, but in 2011 it was regarded as a substance that should be “specified.”

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