Breeze Tec Reviews: Small Air Cooler with Powerful Features

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Sweat, bad body odor, tiredness and exhaustion shouldn’t be the words used to define summers by anyone.

With Breeze Tec this picture of the scorching summer season can be changed completely and associated with freshness, vitality and increased robustness instead – that too at an extremely affordable price.

Breeze Tec is a compact personal air-conditioner that is immensely energy efficient as well as multifunctional. Its features make it uniquely suitable to be used in various settings both indoors and outdoors alike for an energizing cooling experience.

This portable air conditioner provides a relaxed and invigorating experience of cold air for everyone who comes into contact with its covered region in as fast as thirty seconds of use. For making this encounter more pleasurable, Breeze Tec uses the innovative hydro chill technology in its design so that everybody can enjoy the maximum comfort of a chilled air flow. Just add water or crushed ice in the unit, and you are good to go.

The evaporative cooling filters used in Breeze Tec not only lower the temperatures of a given space but also purify the air in its surroundings.

The cordless operation and long-lasting battery of this compact personal air cooler make it a very desirable solution for fighting off the extremities of the hot season. When fully charged, Breeze Tec can function for 5 long hours continually without any interruptions.

However, if users wish to enjoy even longer periods of pristine air-flow, the device can be plugged in directly into the power sockets for the desired length of time.

Let’s take a deeper look at the features, advantages and the price bundles tied to Breeze Tec in this detailed review, and know what this product has in store for its customers.

What are the eminent characteristics of Breeze Tec?

Every product has some pronounced features which give it an exclusive position in the market. Here are some of the defining characteristics of Breeze Tec that make it unique for its customers:

Light-weight and small in size
The dimensions of Breeze Tec are just 6.8in x 6in x 6.8in (17.3cm x 15.2cm x 17.3cm). This make the device very light in weight (2.1 lbs.) and easy to move about.

Simple to use
The setup and arrangement of Breeze Tec is deliberately kept simple to make it a household name. With just the push of a button, the device can be turned on or made to work on different modes included in its functionality. It does not require any expert assembly, making it an extremely user-friendly product.

Performs 3 different functions
Breeze Tec has been engineered to be a multifunctional device. It efficiently lowers the temperature of a small room when being used as an air conditioner. When the weather is not inclined towards the warmer trend of summers, Breeze Tec can function as a fan.
For drier days of the season, Breeze Tec blows out a soothing stream of mist which helps relax blocked sinuses, prevent dry skin and irritation.

Cleans the air
The water curtains used in Breeze Tec screen the air with their evaporative air-filtering technology. This frees the nearby air from allergens and pathogens which may be the source of respiratory issues and other allergies in individuals.

Sounds of fans or other conventional air conditioners can sometimes be annoying and disturbing enough to hamper a sound sleep session. With Breeze Tec this is not a problem because it produces a hardly heard sound while functioning. This makes it perfect for use overnight in bedrooms, or even in libraries while enjoying a favorite book.

Portable with a long battery life
In order to assist its portable function, this device has been manufactured using a long-lasting 200mAh battery. This allows it to operate for 5 hours continually in any preferred location. The carry handle further eases the relocation of this light weight machine without any hassles.

An interesting feature of Breeze Tec is the mood lighting add-on. This is really helpful in improving night time visibility and has also been an attractive entertainer for toddlers and babies.

In addition,

Adjustable Louvers
The louvers of Breeze Tec are adjustable unlike many of its competitors. This gives more freedom of choice to individuals to select the preferred direction of airflow which suites their requirements.

Benefits of Breeze Tec

  • Allows huge savings on electricity bills during summers
  • Cordless operation and long battery life allow it to be used in any spot including kitchen, deck, yard, workplace etc.
  • Very simple to operate
  • Can fit into any household budget
  • Energy efficient and economical

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Are there any reasons to be concerned?

The infrastructure of Breeze Tec is designed to be safe for use around the house or any outdoor setting for an invigorating experience.

The batteries used in the device come attached with the package and have been tested for their quality and efficiency under strict supervision.

Despite of all of these quality standards that assure durability and results of the machine, the manufacturers of Breeze Tec offer a 60-day refund policy to safeguard the interests of their customers.

Price and Availability

Breeze Tec can only be ordered from its official website. On making orders that exceed $150, the purchases will be shipped absolutely free at the door step of the buyers within 3 days of ordering.

The website of Breeze Tec offers very secure payment options and safe checkouts for the customers. Payments can be made via Visa, Amex, MasterCard, Discover as well as PayPal.

The site is currently offering an introductory 50% off discount and priority shipping to their customers in the United States for a limited time only.

The price bundles are as follows:

1 unit for $180, after 50% discount $89.97, with priority shipping
3 units for $540, after 60% discount $230.97, with priority shipping and a free 1-year warranty
2 units for $360, after 53% discount $179.97, with priority shipping

Final Words

Easy to use and energy efficient air coolers like Breeze Tec are a rare find at such economical prices. The safety features like automatic shut-down when water-level drops enhance its protective functioning for all its users. The marketing of the product is limited online, which explains its affordable pricing. Visit the site now for more information and customer feedback for making a confident decision.


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