UFO Sighting in Pakistan? The Mystery Explained

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In the midst of all the chaos that the pandemic has ensued over the last year, our priorities have been largely limited to the disease. Even the conspiracy theorists have been focusing on vaccines and their implications. And, while all of this has been going on around the world, a greater threat may be looming over all of us.

Earlier today, commercial airline pilots from Pakistan claimed that they had spotted an alien aircraft during one of their flights. The Pakistan International Airline (PIA) pilots claimed that they’d spotted this strange “Foo Fighter”, which is another word for a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) above Karachi, which is the largest city in the country.

According to the crew of the plane, the circular glowing object was spotted when the plane was flying high at an altitude of 35,000 feet. It resembled a metallic circular ring with a glowing central point. The claims were not only verbal though as the crew also managed to record a video of the bizarre phenomenon.

In the video, the strange glowing disc can be seen lurking above the aircraft. However, one peculiarity about this object is the fact that it doesn’t seem to zip around like previous UFO sightings but rather just remains stationary, following the plane. The incident was also immediately reported to the Air Traffic Control, (ATC) in Karachi, Pakistan.

“We saw a FO which was flying above our aircraft. The UFO is dark brown or black in color and looks like a spaceship,” reported the flight crew to the ATC. Not only that, but the country’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) was also alerted and immobilized to look into the incident.

Could it actually be an alien UFO?

According to the CAA authorities, the object could have been a land-operated drone. However, no evidence supporting the claim has been found yet.

Scott C. Wang, who is a UFO expert, also weighed in on the incident saying that this could perhaps be the most accurate and refined imagery that we’ve received of such ‘Foo Fighter’ yet. He claimed that alien aircraft don’t necessarily go around aimlessly trying to find something. Instead, they tend to follow human aircraft and copy their movement.

This is not the first time such an incident has been reported over the city of Karachi either. Back in 2019, a similar incident occurred where pilots spotted a circular object flying over their plane. However, that object was emitting ‘beams of light’ rather than a uniform glow.

And, while the authorities claimed that the incident could have been just a weather balloon launched by Pakistan Met (Meteorology) department, the Met department refuted such claims. They stated that basic pilot training includes being able to identify and navigate through these weather balloons.

Another theory being thrown around by aviation experts around the globe is that this could have been a low-orbit satellite, much like the Starlink satellites from SpaceX. However, Starlink satellites usually orbit at over 500 Km so the chances of this being a satellite are probably slim. Additionally, the pilots should have been able to identify a satellite easily as well.

Pentagon has also acknowledged the existence of UFOs

So, what could this otherworldly object be? Earlier last year, the Pentagon declassified videos and documents containing information about the ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’. These were a series of physics-defying UFOs spotted by the US Navy officials. Those objects were also circular in nature but seemed much more random with their movement. You can read all about that incident right here.

alien ufo

Nevertheless, it seems like the number of UFO sightings around the world have picked up over the last couple of years. And, with better cameras and recording equipment, we have more evidence to support our claims as well. In addition to that, all of these incidents seem to converge at some point in terms of their nature. Could they actually be aliens trying to observe and contact us? Or could these just be new spy drones that we just haven’t identified yet? Only time will tell.

Do you think that the object in the video is an alien aircraft? Or do you think that the phenomenon has some other explanation? Let us know down in the comments below!

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