U-SAFE: This Remote Controlled Life Buoy is super fast in saving lives

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After a good 300 years of manually rescuing the ocean victims using the lifesaver float, Noras Performance is back with their new and inventive U-SAFE float.

The invention has taken the world by surprise, enriched with its advanced features and improved design; guaranteeing more safety then there was ever before. According to WHO, drowning is classified as one of the 10 leading causes to death, with 372 000 people dying due to drowning, every year. However, the introduction of the ingenious float has changed the whole statistical picture!

General Working

U-SAFE, the name being self-explanatory, is a U-Shaped,battery powered, remote controlled device; introduced as an alternative to the conventional donut float being used for centuries. Controlled with a nifty remote-controlthumb-stick, it allows the user to easily maneuver it through the waters with agility, getting to the victim in no time.

Once the target is approached, the float has enough power to drag the victim back to safety. This is extremely beneficial in serious cases, when the victim is far from manual approach, or stuck in some storm, high tide or other water related calamity.

Comparison to Donut

The unique, U-shape design sets the float apart from the previous donut float, at the same time, the ingenious technique to make it work using a remote control makes things a lot easier for the life guards.

Previously, the guard would have to put his/her life in danger to rescue the victim, sometimes meeting the unfortunate circumstances resulting in the demise of both, but with the introduction of this innovative float,the guard acts as the third party letting the technical lifesaver do its work. Hence, this ensures that safety is guaranteed, making the user work more effectively.

Features and Characteristics

Apart, from the technical design, which allows the float to easily advance in the water even in turbulence, the inbuilt features help facilitate the lifesaving process. The 8kg float can easily be thrown into the waters, from where it is then controlled using the thumb-stick. With an amazing speed of 15 knots, it reaches the victim in record time.

Previously this depended on the speed of the rescuer, which could hardly match 15 knots, and due to the tidal action, it took much time before the rescuer could make it to the victim.

Another plus to the speed, is the sense of the float to never lose the direction, even after a roll over it continues in the same direction as given before, making it 110 times more efficient than regular float. With a range of 3 miles, floatability of 200kg and a portable size, U-SAFE by all means is lifesaving blessing in disguise.

Originated in Portugal with patent in 68 countries (Noras Performance), the lifesaver developed in accordance with the legal requirements, has been approved by the Portuguese Life Saving Institute.

Along with that, it would be provided at each stop over at the most demanding sports, The Volvo Ocean Race. This alone points out the significance and the usefulness of the piece of tech. With the advent of technology, changes are being made to each and every invention, similarly it is hoped to improve the U-SAFE too. With the added-on features of GPS and charging through solar power, the lifesaving task would be even more simplified.

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