Two Officers Killed During Orlando Suspect Manhunt

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The ongoing manhunt for a suspect in Orlando regarding the murder of an officer outside the Walmart there a few days ago and for the murder of a pregnant mother that took place last month has resulted in the death of two other officers.

Sergeant Debra Clayton, 42, was reported to be killed by the suspect, although John Mina, the Police Chief stated that it is uncertain whether or not Markeith Damengzlo Loyd, 41, the suspect on the run had been hit by gunfire.

Clayton however had fired back at the suspect but was struck and killed as a result. The officer had responded to a claim that the suspect had been seen outside the Walmart store on Monday morning around 7:15 am.

Still On the Run

Norman Lewis, Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy, who was an 11 year veteran, was reported to have died in a crash as him and other members of the authorities had been engaging in the pursuit of Loyd.

Mina stated that Loyd once caught will probably be facing charges that include the murder in the first degree regarding the death of an officer from the law enforcement.

Mina expressed his utter frustration about the suspect by saying that “We’re going to bring this dirtbag to justice, and he’s going to go to jail.”

Sad Day for Orlando

Clayton was a married mother of a 17 year old son, and served as a 17 year veteran for the law enforcement.

The authorities state that Clayton had been one of the early officers who rushed to the scene when a shooting occurred at the Pulse nightclub that ended in 49 deaths.

Lewis had earned a bachelor’s degree in Orlando for criminal justice, and was reported to have served and played on the football team on the offensive line in 2000 till 2003.

Lewis was killed as he pursued the suspect on a motorcycle and collided with another motorist who had not been involved in the matter.

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