Twitter’s All New Dark Mode: How to Activate It

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Dark Mode has been a trend recently among app and web developers and it looks like Twitter has been the most recent one to adopt it. The popular social media platform has just recently announced this new feature on their mobile app via a tweet, which was as follows:

Now, hold on a second. Didn’t Twitter already have a Night Mode before? Well, yeah but it wasn’t truly dark. The two main advantages of dark mode were that it is easier on the eyes at night and it saves battery on devices with AMOLED screens. The Night Mode on the Twitter app I mentioned earlier, didn’t do so well with the latter. The dark areas of the screen weren’t completely black which meant the pixels there were using precious juice to display that color.

Although it served its primary purpose rather well, some users complained about it not being that battery friendly on their devices. The pressure grew further when Facebook launched the Dark Mode on its Messenger app, that did the job perfectly. Fortunately, Twitter was swift to take actions and now we have a proper dark mode.

How to Activate it

It’s fairly easy to activate. Just follow the steps and you’ll be good to go. It is to note, however, that this is currently only available on the iOS version of the Twitter app. We only know that the one for Android will roll out “soon”, as no particular date was given.

Step 1:

Open the Twitter app. Swipe right on the screen to reveal the Profile Panel. After that, tap on Settings and Privacy.



Step 2:

After being directed to the Settings and Privacy screen, tap on Display and Sound.

Step 3:

In the Display and Sound page, you’ll see a Dark Mode toggle. Turn it on and you’ll have two additional options under it. Tap on Lights Out. You have now activated Dark Mode.

As you can see in the screenshots above, the difference between the old Night Mode and the new Dark Mode is substantial. The darks are all blacked out, which will help save precious battery life. At this point, I do feel bad for Android users as they always get all the cool new features late, when all the hype has died down. Here’s to hoping Twitter rolls out this feature on Android as soon as possible.

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