Twins Born in Separate Years

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Everett and Sawyer Shell are twin brothers who were born in Banner Thunderbird Medical Center in Arizona. Everett had been born around 12:01 am, just as soon as 2017 had begun.

Sawyer however had been born 11 minutes prior to Everett, at 11:50 pm, which makes his birth year officially in 2016.

Their parents, Holly and Brandon Shay had arrived to the hospital late afternoon just before 6 pm, and Holly had by then reached well into 35 weeks of her pregnancy.

According to the hospital reports, Sawyer upon his birth had weighed about 5 pounds and 5 ounces, whilst Everett had weighed 4 pounds and 8 ounces.

Twins from the Time Machine

Hollie Shay was delighted with these unexpected circumstances for the birth, and remarked on it by saying “It was a perfect birth.”

Brandon Shay teased that perhaps the birth weren’t so perfect to Everett, as he stated he was a stubborn baby and had delayed his own birth till after 12 midnight. Everett and Sawyer are not identical twins however, they are fraternal ones.

Sawyer weighed more, but Everett’s height was taller and was apparently far more hyperactive than Sawyer while still in Holly’s womb.

An Addition to the Family

Holly and Brandon have two other daughters as well, who are aged 4 and 13. Holly stated that their two daughters have yet to meet the two new additions to their family.

“It’s nice to have two boys, welcome testosterone in the family,” remarked Brandon.

The average babies that are born at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center, situated in Glendale are about 16 daily. Brandon expressed his joy upon the delivery of his two new young twin boys, saying this was probably the best way he could have imagined to celebrate the introduction to the New Year.

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