Dualshock 4 attachment

Turn your DualShock 4 into a Scuf Controller for only $30

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Game controllers have always been the most nuanced accessory for gaming consoles over the years. From the iconic N64 controller to the modern Dualshock 4 for the PlayStation 4, all controllers are a direct result of some very rigorous testing and research. It would be safe to say that through decades of evolution, the current batch of controllers is the best one we’ve ever seen, both in terms of quality and usability.

The PlayStation 4 controller, for example, is no doubt the best stock PlayStation controller that has ever existed. It didn’t get there for a very long time though as we had a very similar form factor for the first 3 generations with Sony only stepping up its game for this generation. This is partly due to people complaining about how the competition i.e. Microsoft was so much better than Sony in this regard.

However, despite the PlayStation 4 controller being an overall very well-rounded controller for everyone, people still prefer using other controllers with additional buttons and accessories. Why? Well, because sometimes those extra touches provide just the right amount of edge over your opponent, especially in competitive games.

Scuf controllers, for example, are famous for being very good for competitive games because of their additional button attachments with their pedals being especially popular among gamers. These pedals help with better utilization of the unused parts of your hands while also improving reaction times in games.

Although these pedals are exceptionally useful, they don’t come cheap. You’ll have to dish out over $130 USD to get your hands on a Scuf controller, which is more than twice the amount of a normal DualShock 4 controller. However, thanks to Sony, you can now get a similar experience for only $30.

Sony’s new accessory lets you turn your DualShock 4 into a Scuf controller

Sony has just announced a new accessory for the DualShock 4 controller that gives it back pedals, much like a Scuf controller. This accessory comes in the form of an attachment that plugs into the lower side of your PlayStation 4 controller. Called the Back Button Attachment, the new addition lets you customize the extra pedals to your heart’s desire, with the ability to map them to any button you want.

In addition to that, the attachment also has an interface in the middle that displays the current configuration for the pedals. The OLED screen for the configuration display makes sure that it doesn’t hog your battery. Furthermore, the display also acts as a button that can be used to quickly switch between different button profiles on the go. You can switch between up to 3 profiles at a time.

dualshock 4 attachment

The new back button attachment for DualShock 4 can be connected to any PS4 controller and also comes with a headphone jack, so you don’t lose your basic controller functionality. According to Sony, this additional accessory will help with improving competitive play in games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Will the DualShock 5 follow suit?

With the release of the PlayStation 5 being less than a year away, Sony bringing new accessories to its older controller does raise some questions. Is there a possibility that this could be a stock feature on the DualShock 5? According to most patents and leaks we’ve seen, the DualShock 5 probably won’t have any additional buttons to keep things simple and clean.

However, there is a possibility that Sony could end up making a whole new first-party ‘Pro’ controller for the PlayStation 5 after seeing the success and love the Elite Controller has received from the Xbox community. And, to be fair, it would be the right move for the company as, while being good, the current line of DualShock controllers is still nowhere near as good as the Xbox controller or some third-party controllers.

dualshock 4 pedals

On the flipside, this could just be the start of a new range of products from Sony. Other attachments for the DualShock 4 like the Kontrol Freaks and thumb grips are also extremely popular among fans and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Sony coming out with official variants for those as well.

In any case, we can expect the DualShock 5 to have massive improvements over the current line of controllers thanks to features like adaptive trigger tension and haptic feedback. For now though, this new addition to the DualShock 4 will massively improve the overall experience, especially for competitive gaming.

The new Back Button Attachment for the DualShock 4 costs $29.99 and will be available for sale in late January, 2020.

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