Try refreshing pitcher Mojito this summer

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Hey, folks! Spring has arrived with a bang and summer is on its way. Get yourself ready for experiencing extreme weather pattern. Summers are going to be crueler this time. This abrupt seasonal variation is a result of climate change. High emission of greenhouse gases and absence of environmental regulations adds a salt to injury.

Avoiding intense sun rays in extreme weather is quite impossible for working lads. There is need of an anecdote to this much severe weather. Drinking a lot of water is very important to prevent the body from dehydration. Chilled drinks and fresh juice extracts may work for you. Get them as much as possible.

If you want delicious, refreshing, savvy and tasteful cocktail as summer arsenal – Mojito is here! Generally, Mojito is best and most famous drink in dazzling summers. You can make it at home following this super easy recipe. Get this list of easily available items on hand before preparation:

  • 5 fresh limes
  • 15 fresh mint leaves
  • ½ cup white rum/ rosin
  • sugar/sugar cane juice as per choice
  • chilled soda water
  • ice cubes

Extract juice and pulp out of limes. The appropriate way to do this is through using a reamer or juicer. It is also the easiest way to get juice from your limes. Put lime juice, mint leaves, and sugar into a pitcher and mash it to release mint oils. Homogenize the sugar properly with mint juice. Add rum or ronsin according to your choice, followed by a lot of ice. Show your creativity by garnishing the glass with fresh mint, lime slices, and colorful straw. Present it with a lot of topped ice cubes and extra soda water according to taste and choice.

It is to remember that you can add rum or ronsin as you want. Here, let’s have a view of nomenclature of ronsin. Ronsin is a short word for “rum sin”, in Spanish sin means “without”. Ronsin is an alcohol free spirit substitute. It contains the very same basic ingredients as it is regular rum, but the difference lies in fermentation process. It is full of sweet taste because ingredients in ronsin are not fermented and thus they are not turned into alcohol.

There are several versions of the mojito. To complement the flavor make your customized mojito by adding your choice of flavorings. Add strawberries, Kiwi or raspberries along the mint leaves and lime juice for customized flavored Pitcher Mojito. Mash it properly along other ingredients to release the flavors.

Adding Sugar cane juice will work to replenish water lost through sweating. In high temperature and intense sun rays everyone is prone to dehydration. Sugarcane juice can definitely thwart that ill effect of the summers. Packed with a high calories and essential nutrients and vitamins like calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and manganese, sugarcane juice acts a perfect drink to recover lost electrolytes.

Whenever the heat has got you down, Mojito should be your go-to summer elixir. Add this 5 minute preparation recipe as a good alternative for energy drinks. It is also easy to digest and so light to drink, you will surely crave for more. Give your routine an amazing twist and also serve it to your guests. So, hold your glasses to quench your thirst with refreshing cold Mojito these summers!

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