Trump’s Policies on Climate Can be Fought Against

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President-elect Donald Trump has made several worrisome statements regarding his denial and rejection towards climate change, claiming it isn’t real, but rather some hoax.

As a result of Mr. Trump’s triumphant victory in the US elections last November, the federal government had requested to use a territory off of New York from the ocean floor in order to construct an enormous wind farm.

The offers for such a request proved to be quite of an appeal to several bidders, as it took more than one day for the auction to be over and done with, resulting in the winner of the auction to offer the Treasury $42 million, which serves as more than double the price that had been previously given to the government several months ago regarding oil leases.

Who Was Victorious?

Statoil, a Norwegian oil company came out on top regarding the bidding for the potential idea of a wind farm.

Statoil are currently in a transitional phase where they are seeking to be involved with renewable energy and become major game changers in this field.

However, it is not certain that an actual wind farm will be constructed, but what is certain is that the switching of methods for energy is up and going, and there is reason to believe that Donald Trump will not intervene.

Numbers Don’t Lie

It is said that renewable energy has replaced more than 50 percent of the world’s production of electricity, which according to recent figures, amount to up to more than $300 billion yearly.

The Wind Booming industry in the United States has increased exponentially, which has dramatically increased manufacturing jobs in the country.

It is believed that once Mr. Trump and his team realize the potential and outstanding numbers from such an industry leading the occupations in the United States, then he will allow it’s continuation due to the facts at hand.

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