Blowing Your Own ADD TRUMP-ETS

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The use of advertisement in politics is something that has been employed by the politicians, either to promote their campaigns, to point out some issue and its possible solution or something along those lines. However, the recent use of Trumps targeted ads takes things to a whole new level!

President Trump along with Vice President Mike Pence, are using targeted ads on Facebook and what’s mysterious about these ads is that they do not appear on trump’s or Pence’s pages, rather only a few people can view them while they remain hidden from the eyes of other users. You can only capture them if you take a screenshot, otherwise they pop away from the browser screen.

Use of target advertisements is not something new in politics. It’s just that the politicians before Trump used it in a slightly different manner. Like Hillary Clinton’s use of Goldman Sachs speeches or Mitt Romney’s notorious “47 Percent” remarks.

The only difference is that Trump is using the terrifying wonders of the social media to get his message across to those who would agree with him.

He is using the ads to emphasize the need to build the so called ‘wall’ between the US and Mexico. This ad, accompanying a rumor as stated by Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who claimed that a deal was made with the President regarding upgrading border security, but there was no mention of a wall.

However, Trump negated the statement the very next by tweeting that, “WE WILL BUILD A WALL (NOT A FENCE) ALONG THE SOUTHERN BORDER OF THE UNITED STATES”, Targeting those people from whom a positive response is expected these ads further ask for donations, for the wall cannot be constructed without the funds. “DONATE BIG TODAY”, are some of the text examples that swoop the ads.

These ads are not simply displayed on Facebook, rather they go under the process of selection, should be fortunate enough to be chosen, then follow you around the web. Even though certain users selected to be unsubscribed, yet they received notifications of supporting the cause.

Getting back to the Wall issue, it’s not clear whether the steps would be taken to construct one, for a lawsuit has been filed by the State of California, stating explicitly for the Prez to follow the laws and defying the need for a wall, since it would be detrimental to resources of California.

Furthermore, it is emphasized that the reason to construct the wall; reducing the number of illegal entries, has not been backed up by concrete findings. Nevertheless, these ads are somewhat gaining influence and support to Trump’s call.

By using these target oriented ads, it’s kind of difficult to keep track of what is being said. For the notions vary, since Trump is concerned; it’s precisely that doublespeak that makes people fearful of this new age of advertising when applied to the presidency. So, the motto of the President is unclear, and it raises suspicion and anxiety among people.

Target ads may be an efficient method to get the message across at the same time its rather a clever way for, on social media, infinite combinations of possible audiences are only ever a click away, and campaigns can develop thousands of highly specific messages for all of them.Consequently, making the tracking of those messages nearly impossible!

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