Trump Raises $90m to Cover Inauguration’s Steep Costs

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Donald Trump has raised $90m to cover the costs of his up and coming inauguration.  Most of the money has come in private donations.

President Obama’s inaugurations cost $53m and $40m respectively.

According to Trump’s Tom Barrack, Trump wants a “back to work” atmosphere for his inauguration and wants it less “circus-like.”

There has been no word on how the $90m will be spent.  Steve Kerrigan who was part of Obama’s inauguration committee in 2009 said the $90m was overkill.

He said, “I can’t imagine how they are going to spend that amount of money — and why they would even keep raising money.  We planned the two largest inaugurations in the history of our country and we never spent anywhere near that.”

Trump has said that he doesn’t want anything as lavish as his predecessor’s inaugurations.  He is planning three balls rather than ten.  Many A-list celebrities have snubbed the event.  His headliners are Jackie Evancho, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Radio City Rockettes.

Boris Epshteyn, spokesman of the inauguration committee said the committee is “fully focused on organizing world-class events that honor our nation’s tremendous history and reach every corner of the globe.”

By all accounts any money left over will be donated to charity although none have actually been specified.

Under the rules, the inauguration committee has up to three months to report its donors.  Some have been reported and they are Boeing who has donated $1m, Chevron $500,000, and At&T say they have donated cash and in-kind equipment and services.

Alex Howard of the Sunlight Foundation said the committee is a “major vector for corporations and individuals who wish to make donations and have influence on the presidency.”

Although much the cost of an inauguration comes from donations, the American taxpayer contributes at least $5m for everyone.

Given this year’s funding, hopefully, they’ll pay a bit less.

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