Trump Promises to Slash Regulations by 75 Percent

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As U.S. President Donald Trump was sworn in last Friday, he has gotten to work right away by addressing several matters he has vowed to tackle.

Last Monday Trump held several meetings with congressional leaders as well as business executives.

Trump declared that he would slash a high percentage on regulations that according to him, would reach up to 75 percent, or perhaps even higher.

In addition to the discussions that took place, Trump vowed to also cut an enormous amount of taxes that is imposed on U.S. companies as well as the middle class citizens.

Cutting the Regulations

In a statement by Trump, he claims that the regulation that currently exists in the United States prevents people from doing almost anything.

The U.S. President added that as they cut off an enormous portion from the regulations, they will still have one that will serve to be just as secure and protective as the one that is currently in place.

Amongst those who participated in the meeting were executives from companies such as Lockheed Martin, Tesla, Dow Chemical, and several others just to name a few.

Homegrown Goods

Another topic of discussion Trump brought to the table was the emphasis on having goods being produced within the United States instead of relying on countries outside for manufacturing them.

Trump has previously criticized China serving as the manufacturer for several American goods.

Trump also seeks to completely reorganize the entire deals that have been set forth regarding international trade.

The U.S. President remarked on that matter by saying that they still have 50 other governors that this matter can be discussed with. “It’s not like we’re taking away competition,” Trump stated.

In addition to other matters Trump has been tackling, he has also signed an executive order which would pull out the U.S. from trace pact of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Other orders that have been signed include a regulatory freeze on federal workers along with a halt in funding international groups that carry out abortions.

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