Trump Causes Further Disappointments to US Spy Chief

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The U.S. Director of Intelligence rejected any and all claims that have been stated regarding the U.S. Intelligence agencies leaking and exposing the recent claims that state Russia allegedly may be holding private personal and financial information that would destroy President-elect Donald J. Trump.

James Clapper, the main key adviser for the U.S. President regarding intelligence and security denied any such claims by Mr. Trump that the intelligence agencies were responsible in any way for this entire dilemma even being disclosed to the public.

Mr. Clapper also added that he had told Mr. Trump that the intelligence agencies had not stated anything or made any comment regarding how accurate the recent allegations are.

Who’s to Blame?

Donald Trump attended in what was his first press conference as the next president last Wednesday, and during the conference Mr. Trump had slammed against the U.S. Intelligence agencies for exposing such nonsense matters to the public, and added that these types of moves by them would serve as nothing but a detrimental spot going down in the intelligence records.

Mr. Trump didn’t stop there however. The attack and blame continued when as he said that the agencies should have known better than to disclose such fallacies towards the public, then said at the end “One last shot at me. Are we living in Nazi Germany?”

We’re Telling the Truth

Mr. Clapper still continues to stand his ground however by stating that no one from the intelligence community has made any type of judgment, regardless how small or large regarding the recent allegations against the Russians and added that because of that, none of them had ever relied upon it for any bit of truth in order to make a full and final report and conclusion about the matter.

Mr. Trump afterwards had went on to slam CNN and Buzzfeed for ever mentioning the story as well on their networks, since the story does not serve as a final report as of now yet.

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