Transportation Havoc to be Initiated in London

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Strikes for the air, rail and London Underground services are set to go as planned on Monday morning, as a 24 hour walkout will be initiated by the employees which is deemed to result in extreme disarray and havoc for London residents.

Tube stations will be temporarily out of service in the center of London, along with cabin crew members from British Airways from Heathrow who have stated they will also follow along with their own strikes next Tuesday.

Additional chaos is expected as well as the Southern Railroad drivers have declared a three day strike to be set into motion within the same week of all this upheaval.

Mayhem from All Angles

New trains to be sent to the Merseyrail network along with the West Midlands franchise may very well possibly result in extreme confrontations with unions regarding differences of what the conductors role would be which served as the primary catalyst to begin with for the strikes to begin in the first place at the Southern railroad.

Such disagreements can be expected to surface within just a few months away, or years at most.

Talks Useless

Last minute talks had been held between the London Underground and the TSSA, in which a proposition that was made by the London Underground had been declined, ultimately leading to further failures regarding talks that could potentially if not cancel at least to limit the strikes, but all talks have proven to be pointless up till now.

On Monday the services by the London Underground will be limited and the strikes last Sunday that had begun around 6 pm and tube stations had been shut down from all over London by the TSSA and the RMT.

These shutdowns resulted in the transportation services for the day to be closing at an early hour and cancelling the rest of the schedules for the day.

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