Toyota unveils its 3rd generation Humanoid Robot: TH-R-3

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Toyota the leading automobile manufacturer, is also known for its part in humanoid robots. Similarly, the TH-R-3 is a third-generation Humanoid robot revealed by Toyota just recently. The robot seems pretty cool following your movements and synchronizing them accordingly. For this to work, you just have to wear data gloves, along with an HTC Vire VR Headset. To show the robot’s perspective the headset is linked to cameras.

The dimensions of the TH-R-3 are 1.54 meters in height and weighs 75 kg making for a height to weight ratio of 5 feet per kg. The purpose is straightforward; the Robot shall help humans in their homes, medical facilities, construction sites, disaster areas, and even in space as per Toyota.

If you want to operate the robot’s entire body you can do so easily courtesy the Master Maneuvering System (MMS). This is made up of not only motion and force sensors at the feel but there are also 16 torque servo modules in the chair along with 29 more torque servo modules located in the robot’s joints.

The MMS generates a pulse to the humanoid robot’s 29 servo modules, which includes ten fingers, causing it to move in the direction you move. You don’t even have to move physically if you don’t want to; just make some walking movements wherever you are, and the robot will forward or backward depending on your walk pattern.

Furthermore, if you worry that the robot won’t be able to balance itself when it strikes with another object then worry not, since the robot has preset balance control which keeps it steady. Not only this, but you have complete authority over the force applied as well.

Industrial Robots built by Toyota has been around since the 80’s. The reason was though a different one i.e. assisting Toyota in its manufacturing of cars. With time, Partner Robot has utilized the insights from that experience and built on Toyota’s expertise in automotive technologies to develop new mobility solutions that support doctors, caregivers, and patients, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

“The Partner Robot team members are committed to using the technology in T-HR3 to develop friendly and helpful robots that coexist with humans and assist them in their daily lives,” emphasized Akifumi Tamaoki who is the general manager of Toyota’s robots. He further stated that “Looking ahead, the core technologies developed for this platform will help inform and advance future development of robots to provide ever-better mobility for all.”

For those who have already vested their interest in the 3rd generation Humanoid robot by Toyota, there is good news. It’s expected that the THR-3 would be shown at the International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo from November 29th to December 2nd. We would have really loved it if the robot could have done backflips though.

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