Toshiba announced the availability 14TB HDD on popular super server

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The storage devices are one of the essential hardware in any field related to data as they require a huge amount of data to be stored and accessed at the same time. The industry is striving hard to provide devices that can easily cope with the huge amount of data and at the same time be faster than ever. That’s why we are seeing SSDs, HDDs based on SATA interface and the M.2 drives nowadays which are much faster than the traditional Hard drives with the M.2 drive being the fastest overall but has the least storage capacity.

Owing to the increasing demand of storage Toshiba the company behind most of the storage drives that are found in our devices mostly laptops has recently revealed an HDD based on SATA interface with the storage capacity of 14TB that is the biggest 3.5-inch drive to date.

Toshiba announced that the Super micro Inc has successfully qualified the MG07ACA series 14TB and 12TB based on SATA models on select server-based platforms. They were able to get this by deploying the nine disk helium sealed design that is both power efficient and has the greater storage density that will provide more storage and require less power dissipation. The HDDs are now available at the Supermicro’s popular SuperServer line up of the servers.

Image: Toshiba
Image: Toshiba

The MG07 is the industry-leading design as it allows more data than any other storage, however, the general speed may be lower than the M.2 drives or generic SSDs. The general manager of products sales and marketing division Toshiba, Shuji Takaoka said in an interview at the launching time of these devices,

“As we continue to develop solutions to meet the growing capacity needs of enterprise and cloud data center customers, Toshiba is pleased to be working with Supermicro on solutions utilizing our new MG07ACA Series helium-sealed HDD. Toshiba’s innovative, power-efficient 9-disk design delivers the highest capacity available in the market today using conventional magnetic recording, and matches up well with Supermicro’s highly-regarded lineup of server and storage solutions.”                                     (Via: Wccftech)

The MG07 series features both the 14TB nine disk and 12TB eight disk design models; these helium sealed 3.5-inch metallic design realizes 40% increase in the maximum storage and 50% battery efficiency over the standard 10TB Hard drives. These new modules show how much ahead we are getting with our technology as there was a time when 1GB Hard Drive was called the technological miracle, these modules not only increase our lead but will also provide solutions to increase the speeds of generic HDDs.

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