Tornado Strikes Alabama, Killing 4

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Reports have stated that a tornado struck a community in the state of Alabama last night, resulting in a tree crashing down on a home which led to the death of four inhabitants, according to the authorities.

Kris Ware, the spokesman for Houston’s County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) says that teams are currently still attempting in recovering all the bodies from the demolished house, which was situated in the area of Rehobeth, just southeast of Alabama.

According to reports by the National Weather Service, they claim that a tornado had crossed through this region and that depending on the full extent of the destruction it caused, they will be able to determine what the size and power of it within the next little while.

Caught by Surprise

Donald Valenza, the Houston County Sheriff reported that about seven inhabitants were residing in the house at the time of the incident, and Chris Judha, the county EMA Director confirmed that from those seven, four had been killed.

A tree had apparently come striking down from the roof of the house, catching the four victims by complete surprise.

More Weather Deaths

The harsh conditions of the weather have also resulted in deaths among other places as well, such as a man who had apparently drowned in Walton County, Florida when a storm had allegedly brushed right through the area.

The drowning of the man has been regarded as an accidental matter, according to the Walton County Sheriff’s Department.

Meanwhile in Mississippi other weather related damages have been reported, where reports from the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) have stated that scores of homes, power lines, and trees were struck by storms, resulting in floods.

At some point, about 20,000 residents had been cut off from all sorts of electricity, but till now no severe cases of injuries or deaths for that matter have been reported.

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