Top 5 Upcoming Smart Phones in 2017

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A smartphone doesn’t require any definition to explain what they are. With the range of Smartphones available in the market shelves, buyers always plan to get the most appropriate and accessible option in accordance to their expenditures, taste, and incomes throughout the globe.

Android phones deemed as the mass markets product have got more demand among the people whereas window and iPhones sets are taken as the symbol of luxury; designed and targeted for a different group of consumers, with a unique set of features introduced each time in the sequels of sets.

With diversified uses attached with smartphones, buying smartphones has now become as crucial decision making as making an investment for a new business.

With many brands bringing innovations to this compact device, the market has been flooded with innovative phones beyond your imaginations.Some markets on low price, some of the quality, size, software, camera-result, battery power and the list is on-going.

Confused? What to buy and what to leave? Picking one phone over another has got an opportunity cost. What do you get in return to what you leave is a perfect gambling being played with your minds by producers.

Let’s analyze about some of the specific characteristics the big producers of Android phones set in their products.

South Korean based producers, Samsung has clearly taken the lead over its traditional competitors of Nokia and LG in the Android industry. According to the consumer feedback, Samsung has rightly touched all the basic specifications demanded by the users.

Phones are your best buddy, which is along with you throughout your day. And that’s what Samsung mobiles have kept in their mind while designing the phone. User-friendly characteristic of simple keypad ensuring easy typing, perhaps they know the ordeal of using complex keypads. With a decent battery life, Samsung has topped the consumer preference.

While many people complain about battery issues and hanging up the problem. LG has tried to sell their phones with the proposition of longer battery life and less of hanging up the problem, standing as the second best-rated phones after Samsung in the category of Android phones.

Now when we talk about the iOS series. Ranging from iPhone 3 to the latest iPhone 7 plus, Apple has been consistently focusing on making their products more secure and safer for the users.

Non-guaranteed security is the only limitation that Android suffers at the hands of Apple products.

With the source code locked in Apple products, the interference of outer elements in the software of your phone has been diminished to a greater extent as opposed to the Android phone, which suffers from extreme vulnerability to higher chances of outer interference.

However, Huawei and similar likes such as Oppo and Lenovo has been able to capture the markets with considerable shares but hasn’t been able to top the consumer preference list so far.

Below mentioned is the detailed description for best upcoming smartphones in 2017 so far.

1) Samsung Galaxy S8


After the disastrous reporting of a battery exploding in Note 7 of Samsung, The company is all set to release its Samsung Galaxy 8 and Samsung 8+ with a bang.

Expected to be release by April 21st, the initial price is to be starting from $750 onwards. The set is available in five different colors of black, blue, gray, silver and gold. The stunning outer look has definitely taken over the users with a blow.

5.8-inch OLED, 2960 x 1440 for Galaxy 8 and Galaxy S8 Plus: 6.2-inch OLED, 2960 x 1440, 529 and an 8 megapixel front camera and a back camera of 12 megapixels; same as of GoPro professional camera and matching with the resolution of drone camera, this is certainly a must have if the camera quality dominates your choice.

This time Samsung has a lot to offer more than their Note 7. With a digital home button, curved attractive display screen, attractive display screen, wireless charger and biometric security feature placed below the camera module at the back of the camera, to be used by your index finger rather than your thumb, also iris identification is an added feature to keep the phone safer.

It also contains 6GB RAM and 64GB of inbuilt storage, expandable up to 256GB with a Micro SD card.

Also this time Samsung mobiles with the 8 security checks for the battery safety this time had made all efforts to ensure the safety of their phones.

With so much heavy innovations included, much can be said for the consumer use.

2) iPhone 8 and 8 plus:

phone 8 concept

Expected to be released in September 2017, the phone is anticipated to offer some great specs, change in model and new features by the iPhone lovers.

So what’s exciting about iPhone 8? With the rumors speculated about iPhone 8 it can be now said to Apple itself is it’s the biggest competitor where they, stretch to innovate and move beyond their previous innovations.

Let’s talk about the display first, with no bezel and 5.8 edge-to-edge curved AMOLED display screen WITH NO home button, gives you a large screen, with a more vibrant display of moving images like videos, lively and super-defined pictures clicking.

With a more promising battery time of up to 2 hours more than iPhone 6and water-resistant and speakers like of iPhones 7; giving you a high-voltage listening experience be it movies, audio clips or your favorite song.

Apple has revitalized the photography experience for its users giving a more stability to capture images in low lights and darkness and with the inclusion of the 3D camera feature, they are determined to bring the life to photography, almost matching up the standard of DSLR camera.

With the feature of Augmented reality induced in the camera, what can you achieve? According to the experts, this feature of Augmented reality can work so well that it will act like your map and can help you find your seat in a crowded stadium, thus reducing the difference between what is real and what is computer-generated.Though there haven’t been any changes in the 12MP of the camera, more modification and focusing in the front camera means a clear, and flawless quality of selfies can be expected.

With A11 chipset, more powerful than current A10 fusion chips means the Apple internal specs are also going to change.Also expecting a change from iOS 10 to iOS 11 in Apple’s upcoming phone the users can expect a speed and efficiency with a more reliable battery and greater usage.

It is also speculated that this time apple will provide a truly wireless charger; where the device can be charged for up to 15ft above requiring no direct contact with the device and power source.

The innovations brought by the iPhone are not ordinary but extraordinary. With such innovations introduced, it is yet to be seen whether the real-time performance justifies the expected price of $1000.

3) LG G6


With not so impressive reviews, for the previous sets of the flagship, this time LG has come strong with some strong features, coming in competition with the top brands.

LG G6, with a wireless charger, water-resistant and a big screen is priced at $ 650-$720 just slightly lower than the top phones in the market. With the quad-core processor of 821 2.35 GHz and an internal storage of 32 GB with a slot for micro SD card, LG has greatly worked on improving the battery life; which is ought to be the main concern for users.

Fewer Bezels have been the main attract the buyers, however, with Qualcomm’s older Snapdragon 821 rather than a newer version of 835 which will be used in all the new sets in 2017 by all the brands. The reluctance of LG relying on the previous version is not understandable. Though there isn’t any disadvantage in 821processor but if checked against the price worth of $600, then the device must meet the top features, with 835, which is more efficient than its previous version.



The release is to be expected in September 2017 combined with high prices just like other Google’s flagship phones.However according to rumors, this time Google Pixel has tried to make curved OLED display.It is also said that Google is all set to make their sets waterproof and improved quality is expected to justify the higher prices set this time.

According to some rumors Pixel, 2 is set to use 835 chipset processors, which is a new the version in 2017.Though not much has been revealed now, but buyers in the market are expecting to see, powerful speakers, sharp and widescreen, fewer bezels, stylish build, and more battery power.

5) HUAWEI P10:


Expected to be release in February, sales would start by this April. So without much ado let’s look into what Huawei has to offer?Not many changes in the internals; it’s almost the same like Huawei Mate 9.

However, a higher RAM of 6B as compared to 4GB of Mate 9 and 128 GB storage, with 5.1IPS display Huawei has focused more on its display with bezel-less fronts makes it less bulky and more easy to carry in hand.

When compared with the limited colors of P9, this time HUAWEI P10 is available in 8 different various shades ranging from white, black, blue, silver, green and gold.

One thing in which the P10 still lag behinds is the water resistance and battery life when compared with the other likes of iPhone 8 and Galaxy 8.

Inspire of using a battery of 3200 mAH battery, to spend a day in a single charge is yet to be a dream to come true.

Prices slightly at a lower price $712 then of its competitors, it’s not a bad pick though.

Nevertheless, Huawei continues to support to inspire people who want a decent smartphone at an average price.

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