Top 5 Sites to Watch Your Favorite TV Shows and Movies

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There were days when we used to sit in front of the TV to watch our favorite shows and movies, and had to wait for days till the new episode would come or had to watch out for timings when those TV show would be re-telecasted in case if we missed it, but thankfully the internet have solved that problem and now we can watch our favorite TV shows and movies by just connecting our TVs with the device wherever and whenever we want.

You just have to find the perfect site to watch your favorite season or show and that too have been solved now. We are going to give you top 5 websites from where you can your favorite TV shows and dramas online without the fear of missing your favorite show timing or day! And that too for FREE so watch out.


This is one of the most popular sites from where you can watch FREE full episodes of shows along with the movies, Crackle let you create a personal watch list so that you don’t have to go through all over again to find your favorite movies and drams, its gives you access to all the major platforms and its totally free and you don’t even need to create a profile. Just click on the TV tab, find your favorite TV show or search directly in the menu.

Tubi TV:

This is a proper legal licensed website which provides you a wide range of over 45 thousand TV shows and movies, and yes it completely free. Tubi TV have some very interesting categories like THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE ON NETFLIX or HIGHEST RATED ON ROTTEN TOMATOES, however you might not be able to find all the “new” and famous TV shows that are currently being telecasted on the other websites, but this website is surely one of the best source available especially for those who are interested in old TV shows and movies. So create your account now on Tubi TV and enjoy watching your favorite series and movies.


You probably along with all the TV series addicts know about Hulu, it’s a great website that offer all the new seasons within 24hrs of the episode being telecast. The best thing about hulu is other than movies and seasons you can find some great documentaries on it. However hulu is not a completely free website, but you can find FREE checkbox on many episodes and movies uploaded on the hulu and you can get a free 7 days trail by signing up.


This one needs no introduction, the most used website to watch videos and songs along with the movies and full episodes, you just need to know how to find what you are looking for. YouTube features some really great documentaries that you cannot find anywhere else. And yes the best thing about YouTube is, its totally FREE!


This website does not have anything to watch directly but its your Google for finding the best free websites where you can watch movies and dramas, its totally free, this website you direct you to the best available site where you can watch your favorite. OVGuide will direct you to a legit third-party platform where you can watch your favorite shows and movies

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