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Top 3 Smartphones to buy in 2017

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Buying a new smartphone is not as easy as it used to be a few years back as the technology is advancing every day the smartphone manufacturing companies are becoming more advance and offering some really cool features every year to compete in the market.

The general features which a person would expect before buying any smartphone is a battery, display, durability and of course the performance. This article will help you choosing a smartphone for yourself according to your needs as we have studies reviews, sales and the performance of these smartphones.

  1. Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8+

The recently released flagship smartphone of Samsung is the best phone you can buy at the moment; with a great super AMOLED, infinite edge display protected by gorilla glass 5 Samsung has designed a very sleek metal body with no physical home button (for the first time) which really won the hearts of the fans! Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8+ are running on Android Nougat 7.0 (upgradable) and the other specifications are Octa-core processor with 4gb of ram and 64gb of storage capacity along with an option of SD card, camera is the same as s7 Edge but with some improvement and 4K video recording options its also been said that the camera is the best in the market right now, battery although have been reduced from 3500mAh (s7 edge) to 3000mAh, but it’s been said that the s8 and s8+ processors and displays are energy efficient so they will perform more than or equal to the previous flagship smartphone.

In a nutshell, s8 and s8+ are great phones overall the only downside in our opinion is the software updates, you have to be patient enough to wait for the newer versions of android on your Samsung s8 and s8+.

Approx. the cost of Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8+ is $850

  1. Apple iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone being the only smartphone to provide iOS in the market has always been the best or at least in top 3 list of best smartphones, even though the fans were expecting much more than what Apple introduced, iPhone 7 plus is still a great phone having captured a large market segment in the smartphone industry.

iPhone has been made water resistant and rest being pretty much the same in the design and display comes with an A10 fusion chip of Quad-Core processors and a 3gb ram iPhone comes with a basic 32gb (up to 256gb) non-upgradable memory, having a 12 megapixel dual camera is worth checking although there is no 4K video recording but the dual camera results are worth checking. The iOS is smooth and the phone has a great battery so if you are looking for an iOS phone, iPhone 7 plus is what you need!

Approx. the cost of iPhone 7 Plus is $850


2016 was a very important year for Google and they discontinued the Nexus series and came out with a smartphone of their own named as GOOGLE PIXEL and PIXEL XL, a really great phone to be competed with big boys like Samsung galaxy and iPhone 7 plus, Pixel XL has pretty much the same specs and design like iPhone 7 with a better camera than iPhone 7 plus and GS 7 Edge with 12.3 megapixel with a wide lens, its splash and dust prof the metallic body adds elegance to the body, Google Pixel XL is actually a real treat for the people who liked the design of iPhone 7 plus but wanted to stick with the android OS. And this factor may become a serious threat to the iPhone in future.

Approx. the cost of GOOGLE PIXEL XL is $850


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