Top 3 in the World of Coffee Machines

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Did you know there are magic beans that make the elixir of delight? This is no hocus pocus. We’re talking about coffee! There is no drink quite as resplendent as coffee. And technology advancements made sure coffee was properly catered to by giving us amazing coffee machines that save us from the hard work of making amazing coffee in the comfort of our home. It also saves us from the hassle of going to a coffee place every time we want a hot steaming cup of Joe.

Coffee machines have seen tremendous evolution since the first one was introduced. The latest machines are offering larger selections of coffee, hot or cold, as well as excellent and useful features and eye-catching designs that make our coffee experience less hard work and more fun.

Following is a review of 3 of the best, most useful and most elegant coffee machines there are to look out for:

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Eclipse by De’Longhi

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto-min

When a company as advanced in making coffee machines as De’Longhi makes wonderful machines for so long and has perfected the art of what a great coffee machine should be, what does it do next? Provided it has been churning out coffee machines of all sorts; espresso makers, cappuccino makers, latte makers, a mix of all of them, self-cleaning machines, self-descaling machines and what not. The next step for such a company is an out-of-the-box design that makes you stop and look for a while!

A lot of experiments on how a coffee machine should look like has been done by Dolce Gusto for a long time. The newest coffee machine from De’Longhi, The Eclipse, takes this concept to a new level, styled as a loop that transforms into an eye-catching twist. But it’s not just the shape that’s striking – this machine is incredibly feature-packed.

The most notable features of this new machine are:

  • It has a used pod alert light
  • XL function for larger drinks enabling longer brewing
  • Automatic opening alongside touch controls
  • Descaling alerts
  • Auto-off function for saving energy – five minutes of non-use results in the Eclipse turning itself off
  • mini capsule basket to save you from endless trips to the bin
  • Varied pod options mean it can make more than 40 different hot and cold drinks

Gone are the days of having an ugly, big box-like thing in your kitchen and calling it a coffee machine. The Eclipse’s design makes it more a piece of art than a coffee machine. You can put it in your living room and get away with it.

Its ultra-fancy design is a head turner. In a world of bulbous coffee machines, the Eclipse changes the pace with its elegant design. It looks like a giant donut when closed and opens smoothly with a slight touch. The Eclipse is bigger than some equivalent machines, yet perches on a small, round base to reduce its visual bulk. Everything about this machine is highly alluring.

And the style is not all there is to talk about the Eclipse. The drip tray can be fixed at three heights or removed completely, so the Eclipse can accommodate every cup size and shape. The control pad sits on top of the right curve.

It also has the water tank with a ‘level indication’ window. Drinks are made by inserting a pod, selecting the amount of water needed via a touch-controlled slider and choosing whether it should be hot or cold. It comes with a distinctive red power cord and plug.

It makes a great and quick espresso or a fancier drink if you have the time. It heats up in 30 seconds which means you can have a basic coffee in under a minute. The machine comes with a rinsing tool that sits in the pod holder.

It stops automatically once done with brewing so you can step away without worrying about it overfilling. Once it finishes dispensing, the on/off light blinks for a few seconds before the orange ‘used capsule’ indicator shows indicating that the capsule is ready to be removed and sent to the useful mini bin. The only clean-up required is a quick rinse of the pod holder.

Even with great design and features, if your coffee machine fails to make you a great cup of coffee, the charm will wear off eventually. This isn’t the case with the Eclipse. Even the pickiest coffee connoisseur would struggle to find fault with the Dolce Gusto system. A silky-smooth texture is guaranteed every time from Americano and Espresso pods, with an authentic aroma and rich, complex taste.

The other drinks are undeniably convenient and the variety on offer is exhaustive, but those requiring the milk pods may not be to everyone’s taste. Although this system has always been good with coffee making, the previous models had design flaws such as limited water tank, pod disposal, limited or no strength choices etc. The Eclipse resolves all of these issues. It is a sure crowd-pleaser and design statement combined into one machine.

Pros – well-rounded in functions, can make 40 different kinds of coffee, high design appeal, fast heat-up of 30 seconds, stops automatically once done with brewing – no overfilling, mini-bin for pod disposal, great smooth coffee experience

Cons – XL function doesn’t align with suggested amounts on pods

Nespresso Krups Pixie

nespresso krups

Nespresso’s Pixie is true to its name. It is small and compact and the ideal choice for apartment dwellers, offices or in dormitories, where space is an issue. Regardless of the small size, there has been no compromise on features. It has everything you need.

The Nespresso Pixie series comes in so many colors: titan, steel, aluminum, electric lime, carmine and brown are only a handful of options. It has a removable water tank that only holds enough liquid for 3 ounces. The drip tray is removable, so you can take it off for easy cleaning.

Removing the tray also allows you to use a taller mug. The machine alerts you when the tank is empty using red backlights. In addition, the used capsule container can store up to 11 used pods. The pump produces 19 bars of pressure so that you can make coffee comparable to those produced by professional baristas.

To save energy, the device automatically shuts off after nine minutes of inactivity. As with all Nespresso models, it comes with a sixteen-pod “welcome kit” so that you can try out some of the most popular individual aromas. This espresso maker only brews pods, so it doesn’t come with either a measuring tool or a tamping tool. However, the Pixie series cannot be used with standard espresso pods because it is only compatible with pods made especially for the machine. It uses less power as compared to many other machines so it takes a little longer to heat up and be ready for brewing.

Pros – automatically switches off after 9 minutes of inactivity, compact – only 4.3 inches wide, water preheated in 30 seconds, espresso can be made with pre-set buttons, many color choices

Cons – a little noisy when being used, smaller water reservoir, foldable cup tray does not automatically fold up, longer brewing time, cannot be used with standard espresso pods, basic coffee machine, no fancy features

Bosch TAS1252GB Tassimo


The Tassimo is a great, durable, full of features coffee machine which is not too expensive. Many amazing coffee machines by great brands fail at least one of those points. But not the Tassimo. It is amazing yet affordable for those who love coffee made in the convenience of their home but have a limited budget for it.

It is small and compact, fits perfectly anywhere and comes in pretty, eye-catching colors. Its curvy design is very appealing. It can make 35 different varieties of drinks, from latte to tea and even hot chocolate. It comes with a removable 0.7 L tank that is easy to clean and can make up to 3 to 4 drinks. The machine automatically adjusts the water that is needed for the drink, as well as the temperature and the brewing time.

The removable cup stand is height-adjustable and suitable for cups of all sizes. Heating and brewing do not take long due to its flow-through heater. It automatically cleans and descales itself with service T disks. The machine prompts the user when it needs descaling.

As it does not have the bar pressure which café-style machines do, how the coffee tastes depend more on the T-Discs chosen.

Pros – color choices available, less heating and brewing time, self-descaling machine, simple operation, affordable

Cons – limited to compatible coffee pods (called T disks), confusing instruction manual, limited features


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