Top 10 Pregnancy Applications for Mom-To-Be

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Motherhood is a blessing, specially the first pregnancy brings you a wonderful experience, making you feel out of this world. The whole journey is like a roller coaster ride, from the time of conception till the delivery time, It is an overwhelming voyage.

To make your journey an amazing and beneficial one, there are some great pregnancy apps which can facilitate you profoundly to keep a track of all the activities during the pregnancy.

These applications will turn out to be a boon for a mother to be and babies. These will help you and your partner plus will also benefit your baby too.

  1. Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro:

This application is simply amazing and has great functionality, it is one of the most used apps in U.S.A, plus it keeps the records of daily happenings.

The app keeps a journal for you, the comparative notes helps to understand the happenings and to keep a track and record maintained. It has a very comprehensive design, makes the user-experience astounding.

However, this application lack some features, and for the expansive ones available, you’ll have to pay for gaining access to that.

  1. Sprout:

Indeed a very trustworthy and comprehensive application for mothers-to-be. It helps the moms to keep a record of their appointment, gives amazing medical tips which are extremely beneficial.

Sprout helps to be organized and to be well-aware of everything, the software also assists you in preparing and listing all the necessary commodities for mommy and her baby.

But, some features are missing or vague in this application as it gives repetitive content as well as it doesn’t have the capability to measure in quatrain units.

  1. I am expecting:

This application is boon as it only assists you in keeping track of moms and baby development but also shows some lovely baby images which give happiness and joy also brings hope with it.

The online community helps the moms-to-be to understand and comprehend things, from the advises from experienced moms. It keeps the track of whole pregnancy period on daily as well as weekly basis also informs about the development of fetal.

Unfortunately, this application is difficult to be accessed by non-American moms-to-be as it has too many American experiences. The application is free but in the terms of some information, it is restricted.

  1. My Pregnancy and Baby Today:

Tracking your pregnancy is not a problem at all, as this app facilitates you to keep a track of your own body changes plus the track of baby growth and development. The bumpie photo diary feature makes it more pretty and appealing.

Buying baby products is not a problem anymore as it will not only keep the track of pregnancy happenings but helps in selecting the best product for your baby. It’s a great assistant which facilitates with shred experiences, timely advice and pregnancy facts.

Somehow, this app is difficult to navigate and some product reviews are somehow quite distracting which will disturb your mindset and will make you confused about a certain product.

  1. Full Term:

A complete package for a pregnant woman as this application has very practical plus attention-grabbing features, it tracks various things like; labor progression, labor contraction, breaking of water etc.

It is very accessible plus user-friendly application which automatically works and effectually keeps records of daily happenings during pregnancy like fetal kick counter plus its frequency.

The biggest con of this application is that it cannot be accessed from more than one device plus it’s vital that one has to remember to stop the contraction tracker.

  1. What to expect:

One of the most popular pregnancy application as it gives all the necessary guidelines and information about health, it also shows images related to the information which helps in understanding information in a better way.

The boon of this application is that you can store all memories of this long but beautiful journey, it has community feature where you can express and share your ideas and also learn from other shared experiences.

This is an American originated application so all the information available information and shared experiences are of American moms which make it difficult for the mom from different origins to understand.

  1. Pregnancy++

An astounding application which keeps a full track of pregnancy happenings, it’s utterly suitable as it keeps the record on daily and weekly basis. The reminder plus 2D and 3D effects make it the best pregnancy application.

From on you will not forget any medicine and appointments as this app will remind you plus it informs the parents about growth and development of fetal which keeps one updated.

This application is somehow difficult to use and sometimes the information it gives is inaccurate, plus because of the heavy amount of data, it takes a lot of time in downloading.

  1. Mpregnancy:

A uniquely designed application for fathers-to-be, it facilitates them to be aware of the pregnancy journey of their partner effectively plus it also gives noteworthy tips which will help them out to understand things in the best way.

It’s exclusively designed for men and a very profound guide which helps them in tackling the problems their partner faces and also assists them in solving them in a resourceful manner.

This application is only for IOS users plus it confines in some terms like in giving expert opinions or information.

  1. Totally Pregnant:

From the time of conception till the delivery time, this application effectively facilitates you as it gives great advice and makes your journey and whole experience simply amazing.

This application gives parental and birth guidance in form of online videos, you can also get to know about other experience and how they went through this journey.

The navigation problem sometimes makes this application difficult to use and sometimes it’s unable to identify the location which are cons of it.

  1. Baby Name:

A great application which suggests you with amazing baby names and the Ask Genie feature also compliments the baby name which is somehow very exciting for parents.

You can search the name of babies and you will get facilitated with the background history, data, pronunciation, and meaning of it.

This application is quite calculative so sometimes it’s difficult to access through, plus it cannot recognize the natural ups and downs which make it less effective.

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