Top 10 Messaging Apps for all your daily needs

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Technology has taken the world by storm, as applications on various platforms keep on increasing each day. Similarly, SMS and MMS messaging have soon found their replacement; Internet-Based Messaging Apps.

What people use to share a Multi-Media Message for some charges can now be done totally free through the new Messaging Apps. You don’t really need to have an SMS or MMS bundle now since the advent of these if you are connected to the internet 24/7, which most of us are. These apps not just offer basic message service, but you can also share videos, voice notes, and documents and whatnot.

Below is a list of top ten Messaging Apps used all over the world.

Whatsapp Messenger

The first one on the list would surely be one of the most used messaging platforms all over the worldwide; WhatsApp. It has amassed more than a billion downloads. WhatsApp is totally free to use and requires a data connection. Most telecom networks even offer free data to be used for Whatsapp too.

WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook a couple of years ago. Due to the mass resources which Facebook had, a plethora of features were added to WhatsApp. Not only can you make an audio or a video call to others, you can also share your documents as well as your location too on the app. Whatsapp stories can also be uploaded like you do on Snapchat.  Furthermore, you are also able to recall your message now within seven minutes of sending it. This is a good feature to save us all from that message we sent out to our crushes and exes while being drunk

The best thing is there are no advertisements.

Facebook Messenger

Another widely used app with more than a billion downloads to its name too. Anyone who uses Facebook app on their phone has to have this app to chat with other Facebook users. The app supports video calls as well as basic media sharing. Moreover, there are stickers too for every moment. App also supports the stories feature by other messaging platforms.

The application is free to download but is supported through advertisements.

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)

The app is now very different than what it used to be once. The app was once only available on Blackberries, one of the great mobile platforms. Since the downfall of Blackberries, the app transitioned itself and is currently available on both Android and iPhone for free. The BBM was known for the secure messaging platform it provided to protect the user’s privacy.

Along with the average Messaging app features, the app also boasts a recall feature where you can recall photos or messages sent to the other user.


This is yet another messaging service especially used in those areas where Whatsapp voice calls aren’t available like Saudi Arabia. This messaging app isn’t as popular amongst the teens though, but it still serves it purpose as a basic instant messaging and calling application.


Skype doesn’t really need an introduction. Skype is the industry leader in Video Conferencing, not only used for common day to day video calls but also serves businesses well with its video conferencing feature. Not only is there a mobile application but you can also download Skype on your PC/Laptop too. The app is free to download and there are some features you can get by buying some Skype credit as well.


This is one app which doesn’t need any introduction. The app is quite popular amongst the teens who use the app on a daily basis to send self-deleting snaps and messages to their friends. Moreover, the Snapchat stories feature is quite popular and is a way for celebrities to connect with their followers too. The app also features live video conversations as well, but its filters are especially quite an attraction, for instance the ‘dog’ filter.


Kik is also an instant messaging app which doesn’t require a phone number but a Kik username and login. It was widely popular a short time back, when Snapchat wasn’t that famous. If you want to add a person, you need to add them through their username.

Kik group chats were quite famous and you can currently have a group of up t 50 Kik users. Kik has all the features of a basic instant messaging app, and can also be used to share media. Good thing is Kik can also be used online and is free to download on both iOS and Android devices.


Viber was a largely popular alternative to WhatsApp but soon lost its touch. It is still available as a free download on iOS and Android. Though, the App continues to grow. Like any other instant messaging apps, you can make voice calls and send messages to each other. Viber stickers also got popular.


Line is still used by many despite better alternatives. It has a global customer base of more than 200 million daily active users. Apart from sending messages, you can also call anyone in your contact who has Line installed without any costs through the app. It is rather mainstream in the Asian region. The application supports video calls too and the line stickers and timelines are quite popular too.

In case you ever found yourself bored, you can always play built-in games in the app itself. Though, for, that you might need to register. Another good thing about the app is that the video and audio calls are quite clear and crisp.


This messaging app originated in China and has got popular since then. Along with instant messaging service you can also do things like shake your phone to find a new friend near you. The app is available as a free download to both iOS and Android users.

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