USA’s Top 10 Highest Paying Tech Internships of 2017

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While students are in their college year, the routine coursework, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities may be overwhelming, keeping them occupied. Due to the busy routine, most of the children hardly get spare time to think or even look for any jobs or internships in their field of study. It is normally in the summer season when the internship season starts, as per curriculum requirement, and students feel the need to find a suitable place to serve.

One of the reasons that keep the pupils from applying for an internship or part-time jobs in the big firms is the fear of ‘not knowing enough’ or not having the skillset to be worthy enough or be suitable for a highly paid internship. Big companies offer handsome money to children, even for the short-term internship tenure, to help them gain the relevant experience and knowledge. It is also a great way of establishing professional connections and gaining real-life exposure to the working environment. Internships assist children in exploring different available options and to judge whether the field they have chosen for themselves is the right one to be pursued as a career in the future or not.

The highest paid internships or jobs, according to Glassdoor, are offered to interns by the tech companies. However, some of non-tech companies also offer a great median per month. According to a survey conducted, the highest paid tech internship was found out to be Facebook and Microsoft Corp. while Exxon Mobil Corp. was marked as most paid non-tech firm for internships.

An analysis of two of the surveys; Folz and Glassdoor, have been taken into account to generate this list of Top 10 highly paid internships offered in the US, along with some of the experiences of interns at the respective firms.

  1. Facebook

  • Tech; Social Media Platform
  • Founded: 2004 at Harvard College
  • Salary offered per month: $8,000

Facebook provide an open culture to the interns, with world-class gurus available to mentor the students and opportunities that place a heavy impact on student’s life, in reference to the learning and experience.

Experience of interns:

  1. Microsoft

  • Tech Company
  • Founded: At Redmond, Washington
  • Salary offered per month: $7,100

Microsoft is a great choice for the students majoring in Computer/ Software Engineering or Computer Sciences; who aspire to have a career as a software developer. They offer a 12-weeks long summer internship, which is specifically designed to offer experience to the student of freshmen year and sophomores.

Experience of interns:

  1. ExxonMobil

  • Tech/ Non- Tech Oil and Gas Company
  • Founded: in 1999, based in Texas
  • Salary offered per month: $6,507

ExxonMobil provides dedicated staff, supervised by a coordinator, to its interns and a well-defined set of tasks. According to them, each task included in the internship program contributes directly to the company’s business. The duration and course of the internships, however, are not specified and may vary. The fields in which interns are welcomed are mainly related to engineering and business including simulation of process, software monitoring, risk and safety, etc.

Experience of intern:

  1. Salesforce

  • Tech; Cloud Computing Company
  • Founded: in San Francisco, California
  • Salary offered per month: $6,450

The interns and fresh graduates that are inducted work on company’s real-time running projects. This makes the interns learn how business is run in the shadow of mentors and different development programs and get a chance to interact with employees, working globally.

Experience of intern:

  1. Amazon

  • Tech/ Non- Tech Online Retailer
  • Founded: in 1994, based in Seattle
  • Salary offered per month: $6,400

Amazon provides its interns an innovative workplace with an opportunity to work on challenging business problems to find variable applicable solutions that place a substantial effect on the wide spread customers of the company. Through their internship program, the students get to explore the working of multiple disciplines at Amazon and work on robust training projects; that increase their learning and experience and enable them to deliver on-the-job through experiential learning and mentoring.

Experience of interns:

  1. Apple

  • Tech Company
  • Founded: in 1976, based in Cupertino, California
  • Salary offered per month: $6,400

At Apple Inc. you are not just an intern, but an important part of the core team that handles critical projects. You get to work with experienced employees and gain substantial amount of experience while you are there. An individual with a technical subject major can apply for an internship at Apple, to gain a lifetime working experience and knowledge.

Experience of interns:

  1. Bloomberg L.P.

  • Tech Software Company
  • Founded: in Manhattan
  • Salary offered per month: $6,400

This company puts students to task just after the initial orientation and training. The interns start contributing towards the assigned projects, supervised by the Managers. These heads also give constructive response and career guidance to their interns to help them make better decisions for their career. Different seminars and events are also conducted to give the interns a wide insight of Bloomberg’s culture.

Experience of interns:

  1. Yelp

  • Tech/Non- Tech; Business Review Platform
  • Founded: in 2004 at San Francisco
  • Salary offered per month: $6,400

Experience of interns:

  1. Yahoo

  • Tech Company
  • Founded: in 1994 at Sunnyvale, California
  • Salary offered per month: $6,080

Yahoo is currently in search of for interns for their following departments:
Robotics, Inclusive Diversity, Social Media and Media Entertainment, BHRP Legal

Experience of interns

  1. Google

  • Tech Company
  • Founded: in 1996 at America
  • Salary offered per month: $6,000

Interns from diverse background can join Google for Marketing, Sales, Operations, Engineering etc.


The biggest advantage students may get from working at a firm is that this temporary working routine may get transitioned into a full-time job, if the person is found capable enough. Although the employer does not normally guarantee this at the time of recruitment, but if they see you as an asset, adding value to their organization, you may end up lucky. Therefore it is necessary that you work hard and showcase your talents and worthiness to the company while you are working there as an intern and leave a great impression on the team. Also, when you end your internship tenure at a firm, you should always ask for a recommendation letter from your employer, which helps immensely later, when you start your career.

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