Tips to Pay Medical Bills without Health Insurance

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Have you ever been in a situation where you have a medical emergency or condition and you need to pay the medical bills but you don’t have a health insurance? We surely do understand how bad it can get to pay a big fat medical bill with no health insurance to get a medical treatment.

If you do not have a health insurance you would have to pay 100% of the cost of treatment, and since the medical treatment becoming so expensive these days it is very difficult to pay even with a health insurance, so therefore you will have to find some ways to plan your medical expenses covered in a way that don’t make you bankrupt.

Listed below are some ways in which you can be able to pay for your medical bills without having a health insurance.

  1. Do your homework:

Make sure you have researched about all the medical facility centers before you chose to get your treatment from. Ask around for the best doctors and clinics that offer fewer rates than the other clinics, contact them and ask for the appointment fees and all the other charges you have to bare when you start your treatment.

Get proper information about all the medical centers in your area that provides urgent medical care facilities, know which ones are the best and charging less than the others.

Lets say if an urgent care facility charges $80 per appointment, make sure you have looked into all the others urgent medical facility center’s fee and if there is any other who is charging less than that you should go to that one. Different hospitals have different prices for procedures and treatment so you should know which hospital is charging how much for the treatment you might have to get by visiting them first or asking them on call. You can save a lot of your money this way.

Ask for concession or pay in advance
  1. Ask for concession or pay in advance:

Many hospitals often charge lower rates if you pay them in advance when you are not having any health insurance, so while searching the best doctor or hospital for your treatment make sure you ask for a discount either by asking or paying the total fees of the treatment in advance. Lets say you are expecting a baby after 2 3 months so if you pay the delivery charges along with all the tests and procedures fees in advance, the hospital might give you a good discount, you will be able to save a lot of $ that way.

  1. Pay your medical bills as soon as possible:

If you have been given a bill for the treatment, make sure you pay that in cash and as soon as possible to any avoid hassle in the future.

Paying the bill upfront will save you from going through the process of negotiating with the collection agency in case if the hospital sends your to the collection agency because that can become a headache for you in future so its better to pay the cash as soon as you get the bill or if you can not afford to pay the full amount at the same time, try getting a payment plan from the hospital right away, pay some amount and get a payment plan to stay away from the hassle.

P.s always review your bill for errors, its been observed that the hospital might charge you for treatments or test that you did not avail so its always a wise thing to re-check your medical bill.

Save on Medications
  1. Save on Medications:

Always ask your doctor for free samples of the medicines they are prescribing you, doctors get unlimited number of free samples from the pharmaceutical representatives. You can also ask your doctor to prescribe you generic medicines they cost less and are easily available at the drug stores also you can find them at reduced prices at the warehouse or at the suppliers.

If you have a minor medical condition you can always ask your doctor to prescribe you over the counter (OTC) alternative medicine which are way cheaper and easily available.

Set up a Savings Account
  1. Set up a Savings Account:

Its always very important to have set a savings account in a bank to cover up your medical bills because these things can happen anytime so if you have not set up a savings account, start from today and make sure you have enough money saved for your medical bills if you need them any day.

All you need is to assign a specific amount every month, lets say you save a $100 every month, that will be $1200 at the end of the year and you can use it if god forbid anything happens to you or your family and you need to get a medical treatment. So saving money is always the best option you can have to cover up your medical bills if you don’t want to get a health insurance.


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