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Instagram users increased rapidly from 860,000 to 11 million due to its hidden potentials and key characteristics. This social platform has moved from photo filters application to a much larger scale of benefits for its users.

Besides Facebook having 543 million users and Twitter with 140 million daily active users, Instagram has followed the trend with 30.3 million active users in a month.

While the Facebook was always criticized for not letting to earn money through advertisements beside products, it came forward with a solution soon. The Instagram, product of Facebook, has become a window for shopping for the small business entrepreneurs. It has outclassed all of its competitors, mainly Snapchat, and Twitter too with a huge fan following of 700 million users.

Instagram has now been upgraded with the stories which are available for 24 hours only. This has enhanced the fan followings. The short video stories with improved filters are the pulling factors to the users, particularly the small business entrepreneurs and freelancers for the earning opportunities. But wait! Curious, how is it possible that this software is earning money for them?

Many ways and tips from famous Instagram account holders are enlisted below which when mingled with the brand, commitment and fans can help ou earn money. Grab a pen, a piece of paper and start taking notes; specially the housewives!

  • Posts for sponsored brands.
  • Work as an affiliate and promote for other products
  • Sell your photography skills
  • Create and sell a physical product or any paid service

Sulky doll, a fashion stylist with the real name Donna McCulloch told BBC that Instagram is similar to a print shop in current era. What a perfect description indeed! No doubt, the world has changed. She added that people are no more interested in business cards and look forward to your Instagram nicknames. Just matter of phones, taken out and yes connected.

A gorgeous and renowned yoga instructor Cat Meffan has a huge fan following of 77,000 followers. Her beautiful yoga postures in striking locations across the globe have been the source of motivation for many her followers. These postures are not just confined to beauty, it has earned her to establish her business as well.

She told BBC that she used Instagram post as her first yoga retreat which was a state of perplex feelings of shock and excitement becaudse she acknowledged the power of instagram.

Cat informs that it takes hours for her to create attractive captions for her, this mind teasing work is far way more time consuming than the fractions of minutes taken for having those photographs. She added that sometimes she shoot outdoor with her partner. But, on usual basis she is out with her self-timer or with her cell phone for a selfie!

Hashtags also helps your photos earn an extra flow of fan followers. Donna and Cat supported the same practice to add hash tags to her photos for reaching a completely new and different audience.

Smart ladies use every feature of Instagram as a tool for earning whether fans or money! They use stories feature to post their videos which, they speak out or speaks about them that what actually they are- a simpler version which many fan followers prefer from their celebrities.

In fact, fans have a deep interest in personal lives of celebrities.  Fans are keen to meet celebrities without glamour and yes, of course, makeup! Donna claimed that stories become a source of getting hold on celebrity as a person and as a brand.

Lives of celebrities are always on the limelight and the biggest compliment for the celebrity is when the fans compliment them that they are very much similar to what they look in the Instagram feeds.

Cat and Donna have built their pages on the ongoing trendy topics of fashion, wellness, and fitness. This has also been a source of attraction and being in the limelight of fan following. Danny Coy, who is recently working as the consultant for Instagram has a huge fan following of 173,000,  identified this as the major reason for the attraction.

Vibrance says it can “typically” increase an account with 2000 followers every four weeks for £300 per month. Posting on regular basis and with a big bank of appealing pictures are the essential techniques for it.

He adviced that its useful to follow your niche religiously and for that it is not needed to post after every day, engagement remain at its peak and is soon gets over in 24 hours.

Even Instagram follows the same advice

Jen Ronan, the firm’s head of small business for Europe, Middle East, and Africa stated that continuous changing of the niche will confuse their Instagram followers that what is the brand really willing to express to its followers. So they must ensure for the consistency by thinking hard on the things their Instagram followers must know.

Danny told that many of his following companies just struggle hard for being legitimate on the forum by increasing their fan numbers. He stated that upcoming photographers may be sad for not getting the desired number of photograph rankings but with passage of time, things will start to work out.

Celebrity endorsement with a fee can be a real source of influencing the already mesmerized crowd of followers for Instagrammers.

Despite highlighting the content that is sponsored under Instagram rules, the tactic of adding in brands products and imagery in photos and videos can be the rewarding act.

It cannot be denied that Instagrammers are more inclined towards frequently updated posts and love the eye-catching photos- even if they are paid.

People are really mesmerized with the influencers who are able to gain reputation and are strong enough to influence market trends, tastes and preferences. So at times, brands reach them to promote their products. If you are a bigger brand, no problem but if on some normal level then go for sponsors through:

  • Shoutcart: Call out customers on the behalf of brands
  • Fohr card: Create a platform of connections of all the social networks to become an influencer and get hold of profiles and brands searching for partnership. Even you will be provided with the brand list, in case if you want reach out being an initiator.
  • Grapevine : With at least 5000 followers, you can enlist yourself in Grapeline to get the chance of working with same minded people.
  • Crowdtab: small content creation is also a good step but currently available in US only.
  • Indahash: get hold of 700 engage followers for eligibility and post for the campaigns that brands put with a hashtag on Instagram.

Affiliate Marketing is also getting great place in Instagram world just like influencers. They are more concerned for sales through awareness as well earning of commissions. It is actually done through tracing the links back or a unique promo code to make sure the clicks are actually turned up into sales. Affiliates are working through unique market places like:

  • ClickBank: Open for every user with tier based commissions.
  • Rewardstyle: Invitation from Fashion and lifestyle influencers’ platform with 20% commission.
  • Amazon Affliate Program: One of the most known platform with 105 commission.

You can even work through your online store. You can sell any product, brand or extension of the digital products. You can work by simply selling and creating fan following. You can promote your products through print-on demand service, selling your services, selling a digital products or simply by launching your product through Instagram account.

You can even earn money through selling photographs as Instagram is the right place to use your photographer skills.  However, you can use your photographs to be printed on mugs, keychains, poillow covers and poters as per the demands of the customers through services like Printfall and Teelaunch. Daniel Arnold photographs of eating toast 3 meals a day, was popular and controversial, was still  printed with his permission and earned him $15k. so just brush up your talent and come forward for an earning through the software.

Choose for the option which really suits you well and at the niche, in which you can perform best.There are numerous ways discussed in the article which can let you enjoy earning without sweat and hardships around. So decide according to your potentials.


– Research based article

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