Tips for New Twitch Streamers: How to be Famous

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Twitch is a video live streaming service introduced in June 2011. It is operated by Twitch Interactive, a company owned by  Amazon. It is one of the most famous and mainstream platforms used by gamers to stream their video games. The platform houses streams from prominent esports players as well as celebrities. However, this does not mean that the platform is locked to others. Anyone with a Twitch account can start their streaming career, and we have compiled just the right tips to get you started on this new journey.

Not only will these things get you a bigger audience, but they will also increase your chances of getting a sponsor if you are looking at streaming professionally. Once you gain big enough following, people will start to recognize you as someone of influence and will want their product linked to you. While we do offer some critical insight, do keep in mind that most of these tips are derived from personal experiences of other streamers. These are the things they learned over the years at the platform. However, it still hypothetical advice and might not work wor you.

Twitch Tencent

Most of all, the number of people or fame you will get will depend on your selected genre. In addition to the genre, the quality of content produced also has a direct influence on twitch channel traffic. With no further wait, here are our top tips on how to get famous on Twitch.

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It’s Not About The Game Anymore:

One of the most important things to realize when starting as a game streaming is that your game is now your secondary priority. When you’re streaming your game, the main objective is to interact with as many people as possible. Make sure you pay close attention to your viewers and chats because people are watching the stream mainly because of you, not the game. While it does take some time and practice to balance the two things, it is crucial for success in streaming because people are watching the stream because of you, not the game.

Become part of the community:

Twitch streaming is about building a community. While your community includes people interested in your content, there are many others on the platform with similar content to yours. New streamers should instantly find other people to interact and stream with. Not only doe this increase your fanbase, but it also puts a friendly picture out there and makes it easy for more people to approach you.

Engage with Potential Supporters:

Decide early when starting on Twitch if you want a sponsor or not. This will provide you with a clear direction and set of goals once you have a thousand followers or so get active on other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Although big companies come to some twitch streams, it is not wrong to make the first move. Contact any potential sponsor you see on the internet and explain to them what they can gain from your chancel.

Make Something Of Your Own:

Frankly, the only thing that gets people famous these days is doing what no one else has done before. The same goes for Twitch. Do not follow the mass streamers and play the games they are playing. Find your own voice. Play the things you like and be good at it. Try to engage with the community through your own medium. If there is a new game, try it out and then ask your audience if they like it sure enough, but if they don’t, go back to what they did like because your audience is your voice.

No One Likes Unknown Streamers:

While it may sound like a trivial and useless piece of advice, having a webcam for streaming is the most important thing. If you ever look at the bottom viewers on games, it is usually streamers with no webcam. Your face is your human connection with the audience.

These are some of the essential things we things every new person to twitch should know about. Be sure to let us know any of your thoughts in the comments.

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