Ticwatch 2 Active Smartwatch: The Best Smart Watch In Budget!

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It’s so good how evergreen wristwatch has turned SMART in the past few years! Watches have always been in the fashion since they were invented, but after the invasion of smartphones, sales of the wristwatches were decreased, and that was because people tend to check the time more on their smartphones than on their wristwatches.

But tech companies came up with an idea of SMARTWATCH to make the technology more convenient for you. And who wouldn’t like the idea of getting notifications of smartphones on their wristwatch or your wristwatch keeping a track of your heartbeat rate along with the steps you take every day.

The idea of a Smartwatch is great but the question is that if it’s worth it? Well, I would say YES! in many cases, like the Smartwatch I am going to talk about in this article. I know there are numerous offerings in the market right now but the reason I chose this Smartwatch is that its a really great looking watch with some really cool features and the best part is it’s pretty cheap too!

Ticwatch 2 Active is a very affordable Smartwatch that is under $200 and it’s a good deal. It’s user-friendly with the purpose of giving you the best experience with simplicity.

Ticwatch provides you all the necessary notifications that you need in a smartwatch like an email, calls, messages, Instagram notifications, and even the map instructions so that you don’t have to stare at your phone for maps while driving your car. And not only that, this Smartwatch can keep a track on your heartbeat rate and can show you the results whenever you want.

This watch is iOS and Android compatible means you can totally rock this watch with any phone you like and can get all the important notifications on your smartwatch.
One of the best features of this watch that you will rarely find in other Smartwatch is Ticwatch 2 Active can receive calls directly.

YES! That’s a very cool feature especially for the people who use hands-free Bluetooth headphones for calls. Well, now you can talk on the phone while driving or doing anything simply by wearing this cool Smartwatch on your wrist.

Ticwatch 2 comes with a 1-year warranty along with some great features including a very classy yet modern designed dial that fits you in any occasion, it comes in two colors i.e. Charcoal and Snow and the package includes Ticwatch 2 Active Smartwatch with a silicon rubber band, a charging cable along with a charging dock.

This watch has a 400×400 pixel OLED display with some really bright and rich colors, this watch is IP65 rated, means this Smartwatch is waterproof and can handle a few dips in the pool or you can wear it while taking a shower.

The other specifications of this watch includes
• 300mAh battery giving you up to 2 days of battery life
• 80 minutes recharging time
• 44mm case, 11.95mm thickness, 20mm band
• IP65 water resistance
• A built-in GPS
• Dynamic heart rate sensor
• Gyrometer
• Accelerometer
• Ticwear OS
• 1-year warranty


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