This Newly Invented AI Mirror Computer DUO is unbelievably Smart and Kind of Scary

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The future technology we watch in sci-fi shows is now coming out to the real world; Say hello to a Smart Mirror which is going to be your assistant- virtual friend at home. Although the developers are still busy in the process of running its Kickstarter campaign, but considering the popularity it is receiving already, Duo will soon be available in the market.

DUO may look like any other mirror you’d hang on your wall but it shows a lot more than just your reflection. Powered by Artificial intelligence, this smart mirror responds to your commands and helps you through your routine schedule, from morning wake-up alarms to good night wishes, never making you feel lonely at home.

Especially built with an idea of smart home-assistance, Albert is the name of an AI companion living inside DUO, who can talk to you, control lights, connect with smart devices at your home, play music, stream videos and even play games with you.

In the list of impressive AI machines that we humans have created so far includes digital assistants like Siri, Google Now, Amazon’s Alexa and autonomous machines like robots and self-driving cars, DUO mirror-computer is another AI addition and has been designed with the same motive of providing ease to human life.

Unlike Alexa or Google Now AI assistants which are housed inside speakers, Albert has a rather posh space to live; inward a 27 inch, 1.9mm thin reflective surface mirror which turns into an HD 1080p, 5-Point multi-touch, voice activated display screen when called on. Albert can be customized too as per your choice, its name, gender, accent and even its mood can be changed.

Duo has its own custom operating system called HomeOS which includes native apps like duo music, duo news and a duo app store which allows all types of apps download. It informs you about daily news, keeps check on weather, increases or cools down room temperature on your demand and even checks on the door for you. It also carries built-in wifi, Bluetooth, microphone and speakers which can be connected with other Bluetooth speakers.

We are convinced that Albert in Duo is a smart home assistant that won’t let you be late to the office every morning or keep you unaware of what’s happening outside in the world; it will keep you in the loop and will always have your back, because of its Artificial Intelligence programming.

AI mirror DUO may become a nice friend to you but never to forget that it is still a machine and has no feelings at all, it can never behave like a human companion does. Talking about how fast our world is getting admired of AI operated machines, the future is hinting us towards a totally robotic world where human intelligence has been surpassed by AI and people are more dependent on robots than on humans. It is kind of scary seeing it all coming with the growing advancement in technology, but if one knows how to keep things in right position and take safety measures, human and artificial intelligence can do wonders together.

Developers of Albert do understand this which is why they haven’t set the price of the system too high, first 1000 units will have discounted price of $399 only. After that, prices will go up to $500. The worldwide shipping of Duo is set to start from October 2017.

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