These new Snapchat secret filters will leave you mesmerized

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Look what we found… New Snapchat secret filters!

Praise the Snapchat for showing us the world through its fun lenses. From cute animal faces to funny masks, beauty filters, face swap, augmented reality and whatnot, Snap chatting with friends becomes more fun and interactive when done through its lenses.

The filter game of Snapchat is so strong that no other app can match the level. Apart from the Snapchat’s daily new lenses, geofilters, bitmoji etc, there are some other things available that, I’m sure, so many of us haven’t explored yet.

Snapchat has hidden lenses; some can be unlocked via snapcode, for example, the Night King’s filter from Game of Thrones, that went pretty viral, Huda Beauty filter that was also downloaded by many fans. Such snapcode filters instantly get famous from social media and are available for advertising purpose only.

However, some filters are only made to surprise Snapchat users. They stay hidden inside the app until we find them out.

One of such secret filters is hiding in the sky these days. That’s right! You can unveiled the gorgeousness of sky through the rear camera of Snapchat and this rarely-appeared secret filter will take you into the Space right away.

Image: Taken from Fiona’s Snapchat

One of our sub-editors at FactsChronicle, Fiona, accidentally found a secret filter on her Snapchat while she was taking a random picture of sky through her snapchat’s rear camera. “It was 6:30 AM in my time zone, and I was doing morning-walk in my lawn, enjoying the fresh cold breeze. I randomly took a picture of the sky and swiped left for filters and that’s exactly when something magical happened on my screen.”

She further added, “I could see a sky full of stars, milky way and a beautiful showcase of our Galaxy. It looked so real on my screen that I looked up towards the sky to see if its really a filter or my phone catching up some rare sights.”

Fiona took more pictures of the sky and was amazed to see some more beautiful sights. Here’ another one;

Fiona’s Snapchat

Who knew that Snapchat has a Galaxy and a Northern Lights filter that could show its magic by using your rear camera faced towards the sky.

Here’s how you can also find and enjoy these filters.

  • Open your Snapchat rear camera
  • Take a picture of the sky during morning timings when it’s not too sunny or dark.
  • After taking the picture, swipe right for filters. Keep swiping right or left until the magical filter appears.
  • Sometimes, it doesn’t show up and that’s when you have to take another picture and repeat the process. Keep swiping left or right to find the filter. Since it is counted as a secret filter, it won’t show up easily, so be patient!

The secret magical filter may also show a sky with clouds and colors; sometimes you see a spooky moon as well.

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