Witcher AR Game is the perfect Pokemon Go substitute for Monster Slayers

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Witcher 3 was an excellent game for CD Projekt Red. It gave the game universe a clear direction, with the stunning visuals and a vast game world. Now the publisher is ready for another episode in the story, and this time they’ve gone for a different platform.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer is soon hitting the iOS and Android app stores. It uses the same concept as the Pokemon Go. A well-hyped game of the past few years, but they did make some improvements. This means that as the new players search the world, they will discover new Witcher-universe creatures to slay. The game is developed by Spokko, a new mobile development studio founded by CDPR back in 2018.

The game is free-to-play and will require players to explore the real world to track, observe, and fight various monsters. It also uses a very sophisticated algorithm that changes the game details and other achievements with the time of day and weather. Take a quick look at the teaser of this new game below.


According to the official description, The Witcher Monster Slayer a location-based role-playing game that uses AR to challenge players and get them to dive deeper into the game world. The players will play as a professional monster hunter. They will journey into the open world and use their phones to track down various monsters and enemies.

As we said earlier, the game evolves with the real-world conditions, so the players will have to use their witcher knowledge to gain an advantage on your quest to becoming an elite monster slayer.

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The Witcher: Monster Slayer Combat

The game includes fights with gigantic, life-size monsters in first-person, and combat inspired by the PC RPG game.  It will require players to have proper training as well as abilities like potions and oils, crafting bombs, and decent arsenal for each battle.

The Witcher Monster Slayer also comes with a trophy system players will gain trophies from defeating enemies. There will be dozens of new enemies to counter as well as the familiar ones from previous games. With time players will earn more and more trophies from the enemies they slay, which builds their reputation as well as the collection worthy of a monster slayer of true renown.

There are also a couple of campaign missions based on the series. To let players follow the footsteps of Geralt in his adventures that take a deep dive into the core of what it means to be an elite monster slayer. Lastly, the game world also receives a lot of attention.

The Witcher AR Monster Slayer
Source: IGN

The developers made a dark fantasy world of The Witcher books. Players will control their reality with the help of AR options. This will not only encourage people to discover new areas but also change their perception of places they thought they knew.

We can ignore this release by saying it will just be a spinoff from Pokemon go. However, the truth is it might be aimed at a more mature audience. Since it’s free to play, it might also attract new people to The Witcher world, and they can try the actual console and PC games as well.

Although we have a few small details and a teaser as of yet, the game will release on major app platforms for iOS and Android. The developer does say that it’s coming anytime soon. they have also given a link where users can signup for new when it drops. You can visit the signup page here.


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