The Sims 4 Console Versions released for all the couch lovers out there

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The life-simulator series by the name of The Sims has attained widespread attention all over the globe over the decade. The game debuted in 2000 and has since been the source of entertainment for all those wanting a quiet peaceful night all to themselves. This is because you completely own the game, with no 2-player mode option. Therefore, an imminent console version releases for The Sims 4 might be the best way to spend your time on the couch.

Usually, the Sims games are better equipped to be played on a PC with a mouse, but since with the new console versions, it might just go edge to edge with a PC version. This is courtesy of the released console versions for the Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4. Essentially, you are able to actually enjoy the game on the couch along with a friend if you want to, by taking up the controller in turns. At first, it apparently looked nothing more than a creepy dollhouse that you designed.

Like it has always been the case with a simulator, you can play the game any way you want since it won’t be restricted to one single way. You can opt-in to consider some furniture options for your home or might plan to murder some characters if you are feeling a little evil and mischievous.

Furthermore, if you want to play it with a friend, just add more sims into the gameplay. This essentially would enable your friend’s sim to also be part of the game when your own sim is busy on something else.

All the sims are designed to do what they want to if they aren’t commandeered by the users. Therefore, if you are feeling a bit lazy, you and your friend can always grab a bucket of popcorn and sit back and watch these sims live out their dramatic virtual lives. There would sure be moments of laughter because of what the sims do, which might make up for something to joke about later on at work or where you meet up usually.

Though, even with the console releases, it is sad to say that The Sims isn’t actually meant to be played on a console like a PS4 or an Xbox One. This is because that a simulation like The Sims demand heavy menus.

For instance, if your sim is going to buy or construct a home, there is a need to pay a lot of attention, from the color of window panes to if you are opting for a soap dispenser in the kitchen. Not only this, but even when The Sims are free to do what they want, you would have to keep track of their needs, relationships, and stuff.

Therefore, with such plethora of things to choose from, it becomes easy to do so with a few mouse clicks, but not so much on a controller. This is because of the hassle it is to switch from one menu to another using just joysticks and buttons on the controller. It can easily take you a lot of time to actually adapt to gameplay and even then, there would be moments of profound confusion. This is essential because of a lack of precision in gameplay because of a lack of a mouse.

On the contrary, there are those, who would find it easier to play with a single controller, rather than using a combination of mouse and keyboard keys. So, it goes without much saying that its up-to whatever floats your boat!

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