The Ring Smart Doorbell Review: Video Camera, Two-way audio, Smart App and much more

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Do you want a smart security doorbell system for your home that can notify you and display live footage whenever someone is at the front door via your smartphone? If so then Ring Smart Video Doorbell would be the right smart gadget for you.

Ring Smart Doorbell is a DIY smart home security system that stands out amongst other as it doesn’t need to be paired up any kind of monitored security system. This device is perfect for those who just want to add up a bit to their home security without breaking the bank.

First, let’s talk about the features of this doorbell and then we will get into the process of how you can install and set it up at your home. The Ring Smart Doorbell comes equipped with a wide-angle video camera which records videos at 720p and has a 180° ultra wide field. The camera is also serviceable at night as it has built-in night vision technology. The device also has a motion sensor and you can set the motion detection range using the ring app which we will talk about in a moment.

The doorbell connects to your WiFi and whenever someone presses the doorbell or passes by near the door you get a notification and an option to view the video. You also get two-way audio support means that you can talk to the person in the door in real time just like a phone call even if you are not at the home.

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The two-way audio is a very useful feature for those who are mostly away for work and miss the order as they have to sign for the delivery. Now with the Ring Smart Doorbell, you can easily instruct the delivery guy from anywhere and you would not be missing any of your orders.

This feature also keeps the burglars away as mostly they tend to ring the doorbell to check if anyone’s at home, now when they will do so you will get notified and will be able to reply them making them think that the house is not empty.

The Ring has a built-in battery which the company says last up to a year on a full single charge. However, you can also get the option of hard-wiring the doorbell. There is a live view mode available which allows you to peek out anytime you want but this mode is only available if you have hardwired the doorbell.

All the videos are stored on the cloud, the company gives you 30 day free trial for its cloud storage service after that you need to sign up for the service at $3 per month. There is also a yearly subscription package available which costs about $30. There is no other option available to store down the video but that shouldn’t be a big deal as the cloud storage is super affordable.

Now lets about how can install and set up the device in your home. The installation procedure is fairly simple you even get video tutorials in the app which will help you out in the process. You get all the necessary tools inside the Ring’s box which will make the installation quick and easy.

Ring Video Doorbell
• Micro USB charging cable
• Screwdriver bit and drill bit
• Mounting bracket
• Screws and anchors
• Mini level

Image by Digital Trends

Once you have successfully mounted the Doorbell you will need to connect it to your wireless network through the app, it takes about 20 seconds for it to process and connect. Then you will need to create an account and verify your location, after this you can also grant access to other users to your doorbell via email which prompts them to download the Ring app go through a similar setup.

There you have it, the installation process is that simple and quick. Now you can interact with people on the door regardless of where you are and it also gives you the security that you were looking for without overkilling the appearance of a security camera at the front door. You easily get notified and ring alert on your smartphone.

• Bottom Line:

Overall the Ring Smart Doorbell is one of the best security systems that you can get at an affordable price. You get really amazing features like the motion detector, night vision, and Two-way audio. You also get lifetime replacement warranty even if the doorbell gets stolen or goes missing.

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