TrackR Bravo

The Revolutionary Tracking Device TrackR Bravo – Never Lose Your Belongings Again

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Ever lost your car keys or wallet or just put it somewhere and then forgot where it was? Spent several hours raking your mind to remember where you last put it? Keeping track of items can sometimes be a hassle especially if you’re leading a super busy life. If you are among the millions of people who wish they had some way of tracking their belongings, their pets, or any other thing, TrackR Bravo is the answer.

It is the simplest way to keep track of anything using your smartphone. TrackR Bravo is the most amazing tracking device ever created which is backed by the world’s largest Crowd GPS network. It took about 5 years of research and development to unveil the final form of TrackR Bravo. It is basically a Bluetooth device the size of a coin that helps you locate your belongings.

It can be attached to anything, be it a key ring, bag, wallet or even your bike. Its key-ring friendly design and an included adhesive pad make it possible to attach this device to almost anything. Through your smartphone, the TrackR can be made to beep. It can even track your lost phone.

The design is purposefully made sleek in order to make it fit inside anything. The app is highly informative and user-friendly. Noteworthy features of TrackR Bravo are given below:


  • Distance Indicator – The application on your smartphone is so designed that it also has a feature which indicates whenever you are getting closer to your device. It displays the distance from your smartphone to your device on your smartphone’s screen. It then guides you where the device is. This feature is really helpful in finding the lost device.
  • Item Ringer – Another feature of the TrackR Bravo is its ability to ring. All you need to do is tap the item ringer, and the TrackR will ring helping you to locate the device if it is lying somewhere nearby but you cannot find it.
  • Phone Finder – A unique feature of this device is the Phone Finder. If you are unable to find your smartphone, just press the button on your TrackR device in order for your cell phone to ring. You can easily locate your smartphone even if it is on silent mode.
  • Family Sharing – You can easily track and ring the same TrackR Bravo from multiple phones. This feature is perfect for shared items like the remote, shared car keys or the family pet.
  • Crowd Locate Network – You can never lose your TrackR Bravo device as the Crowd Locating Network feature helps you track your lost device. It works on a simple principle that it connects itself with any other TrackR user within the Bluetooth range of your lost item. Thereafter, it sends the location update of your lost item on your smartphone thereby guiding you to the lost item.
  • Separation Alert – An interesting feature of this device is the separation alert. If you are forgetting something important behind, the custom separation feature notifies you immediately. You can set a reminder for all of your important things.
  • Sleek Design – The sleek design of the TrackR Bravo makes it thin enough to even fit into your wallet. It is made of Anodized Aluminum which makes it quite durable for rough use.
  • Amazon Alexa Integration – The best part is its integration with Amazon Alexa. If you just say, “Ask TrackR to find my phone”, your Amazon Alexa-enabled device will automatically ring it for you.


  • Laser Engraving – You can easily order your TrackR Bravo having a short message, your contact info, your pet’s name, a declaration of love etcetera engraved on it. This can be very conveniently done while mentioning it in the email while placing the order.
  • Image Printing – You can also ask them to personalize your TrackR Bravo with any image provided by you to them. A specific technology of UV Printing is used while printing the image on the device so that it will not rub off your device during use.


  • Water Resistant Case – TrackR Bravo also provides a water resistant cover for the device for its outdoor use. Now you can easily put the device on your Dog without fearing if it will jump into a puddle or whether you should take your dog out for a stroll on a rainy day.
Source – thetrackr
  • Metal Carabiner – It comes with a metal carabiner which enables you to easily attach the TrackR Bravo to your backpack, water bottle or anything else. The metal carabiner holds your device securely to whatever it is attached.
TrackR Bravo
Source – thetrackr

Details and Specifications

  • Diameter: 31 mm (1.22 in)
  • Thickness: 5 mm (0.14 in)
  • Battery Life: 1 year
  • Battery Type: User-replaceable CR1620
  • Battery Replacement Program: Easily order replacements online or through the TrackR application
  • Device Ringer Volume: Up to 82dB
  • Connectivity: BLE 4.0
  • Range: Bluetooth range, up to 100 feet. Obstacles such as walls or furniture may affect range.
  • Supported OS: iOS 8.0+ and Android 4.4+
  • Crowd Locate Range: World Wide
  • Device Ringer Volume: Up to 82dB
  • Materials: Anodized Aluminium, Plastic
  • Safe for Pets: Yes
  • Works World Wide: Yes


However impressive it might sound, the TrackR device has its shortcomings and is far from perfect. Many of the features described are not present in the device yet. Some of these shortcomings are described as under:

  • Presently, every TrackR device can only be paired to a single smartphone. Connectivity with multiple devices simultaneously is not available at the moment.
  • The device requires that the TrackR application shall always be running in the background of your mobile phone with its Bluetooth-enabled. This drains the battery of your smartphone quickly thereby resulting in short battery life of the connected smartphone.
  • There is a need to configure the separation distance which is not available at this time.
  • The device is connected through Bluetooth which has a small detection radius. This not only limits the scope of use but also makes it highly dependent on Crowd GPS for anything lost outside the household.

Final Verdict

The TrackR Bravo is a dream come true for many millions of people out there. It is an extremely useful device and despite its present shortcomings, is worth the investment.

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