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The Raytheon Gaming Meme Account Just Got Banned on Twitter and Everyone Is Sad

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In a rather bizarre turn of events, a meme account called Raytheon Gaming was banned by Twitter today. The account always posted really funny memes related to games and US war strategies. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “wait, how are games even related to US war strategies?”. So, here’s a bit of context for you. Raytheon is a US company that specializes in military electronics, mission systems, intelligence, command, control and communications systems etc. So, like your usual complicated war intelligence, defense contractor doodad. The gaming part is still unclear though. Well, Raytheon uses video game integration and runs simulations to do its thing and train troops and engineers for the US military.

So, some random guy decided to poke fun at the whole thing and make a twitter account called Raytheon gaming. The account generally made fun of the war atrocities that are happening around the world but in the context of popular video games. It was like killing two birds with one stone, with the Raytheon meme lord delivering sick burns to both the military and the game companies at the same time. Honestly, the memes were genuinely genius and gained quite a following in a very short period of time.

The memes!

Let’s take a look at a couple of salvaged memes from the account to really get the feel for it.

Raytheon Gaming

This meme here is making fun of US military invasions of the Middle East by jesting about the drop zone you choose on a map while starting a Battle Royale match. As I said before, utterly genius stuff.

This one is making fun of Apex Legends for not making new content for the game and Kim Jong Un for not spicing up the war scene anymore. The memes were genuinely well thought and it is a shame to see the account getting banned like this. Here’s how most people reacted when they found out about the sad news.

The account probably got reported by Raytheon itself for imitation because we just cannot have good things in life. People have not lost hope though and everyone is still pushing for the account to get unbanned. Let’s all hope our beloved Raytheon meme lord gets resurrected from the dead. For now, however, let’s pay our respects to the fallen soldier. Raytheon Gaming; it died doing what it loved. Press F to pay respects.

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