The OnePlus 5T: Hands-On Review

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The Chinese smartphone manufacturer, OnePlus has already released an upgrade to their flagship smartphone known as the OnePlus 5 which has only been out for 5 months.

The new OnePlus 5T (T stands for taller) is basically a more polished version of the OnePlus 5 and follows up all the trends of 2017 smartphones. The internal specs of both the phones are almost identical, the main changes have been made in the display and camera department. The phone now feels more modern and promises to deliver the experience of a high-end smartphone for nearly half the price.

We dived down and took a deeper look at the OnePlus 5T, here is everything you need to know:

• Display:

Let’s start the review by talking about the display which is the thing you will notice first when you will look at the phone. The OnePlus 5T now has new stretched out 18:9 aspect ratio full HD+ display designed by Samsung, this AMOLED display produces really great color and sharpness.

The screen resolution is 1080p instead of Quad HD but that isn’t the thing you will be able to notice unless you out the phone side by side with a Quad HD display. The OnePlus continues to insist on using a lower resolution screen for efficient battery life.

Image by Android Authority

The edge to edge display allows to fit in a bigger 6 inches display compared to the OnePlus 5’s 5.5 inch display in the similar size body. You can also adjust the screen color and temperature of the display using the color setting available in the main settings app.


• Specifications:

The OnePlus 5T is rocking the same internal hardware as the OnePlus 5. It is powered by the latest Snapdragon 835 processor with either 6 or 8 Gigabytes of RAM and 64 or 128 Gigabytes of internal storage respectively. There is no micro SD card slot, so it is better to choose the 128 GB variant if you don’t want to run out of storage.

The overall performance is pretty snappy and fluid and you will get the experience similar to what you’d expect from an expensive high-tier smartphone.

The best thing about the phone is that it still retains a headphone jack in 2017 so you can connect to your favorite wired headphones without compromising on the sound. It does not have a built-in amplifier but the sound quality is still on point.

The Fingerprint scanner is now placed at the back of the phone to fit in more screen up-front, it is very quick and secure and is one of the fastest fingerprint scanners that we have tested.

The facial unlock feature has also been upgraded and trusts me it is fast as hell, you just press the power button and it unlocks. It is 5-10 times faster than the iPhone X facial unlock feature. However, the company did mention that it is not as. secure as the Samsung’s Iris scanner or Apple’s facial unlock feature that is why they have also included the fingerprint scanner.

• Camera:

The next big change is in the camera department, the on paper specs of the camera may sound the same but this time the secondary lens is also wide-angle instead of telephoto. The company has implemented something what they call the “Intelligent Pixel Technology” in the secondary camera which allows to take better low light shots.

The camera automatically switches from the main 16 megapixel shooter to the secondary 20 megapixel shooter in dark environments. However, the new 20 megapixels is no good considering that it is for low light, it is nothing compared to the Pixel 2 XL, I would rather prefer a single good camera than a dual mediocre camera. The portrait mode is now achieved all through the software.

You get the same 16 megapixel front camera which captures really amazing high quality selfies if you are into that.

Image by Pocket lint

• Battery:

The 3300 mAh battery will easily last you for a day even under heavy usage like gaming or watching Netflix with still a little juice left at the end, it provides approximately 6 hours of screen on time. You get the OnePlus’s Dash charge technology which is the fastest charging technology by far and charges your phone to 80% in less than an hour.

The phone does not come equipped with the features like wireless technology or water resistance which I think is the reason that helps in contributing the low cost of this device.

• Conclusion:

Overall it is a really great smartphone and I’ll recommend it to anyone who wants to get a premium smartphone at an affordable price. This device offers great bang for the buck with its high-end specs and modern features like edge to edge display and facial recognition. You can get your hands on this device for only $499.

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