The Notch, an almost perfect iPhone X clone in just $300

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Leagoo, a small Chinese smartphone company is working on a new phone which looks just like the iPhone X. Photos surfaced online of what will be called the “Leagoo S9” (making it the best of both worlds) which looks exactly like the iPhone X. The same notch cutout and rounded screen with just a minor difference of the fingerprint scanner which will be found at the back of the phone.

Apart from the fingerprint scanner, the phone’s backside is very similar to the iPhone X as well, replicating the same camera module. It also has a similar metal and glass construction as well.

It also has some bezel around the display. The phone will have all physical buttons to the right which means that the SIM-card tray will most likely be on the left. An LED flash can also be found between the two vertically aligned cameras.

The only distinguishing features of the phone are its logo, the fingerprint sensor and the fact it’ll be an android phone. Otherwise there’s hardly much of a difference between this and Apple’s latest smartphone.

However, it’ll probably not be as good as the iPhone X especially with the current specs that are being rumored for the phone.

Official specifications for the phone aren’t out yet because the phone hasn’t even been officially announced yet. However, rumored specs have been going around according to which the phone will have a MediaTek P40 processor (the equivalent of a mid-range Snapdragon processor), 6 GB of RAM, and 128 GB of storage.

The display features a 5.85-inch AMOLED screen along with the iPhone X similar cameras as previously mentioned which are said to be 16 MP sensors.

The new phone will likely cost a fraction of what the iPhone X costs. The Leagoo S9 Notch is likely going to cost under $300, not much compared to what the Apple phone costs. However, don’t be fooled by its looks, it won’t perform the same way as the iPhone X, it won’t even have the same operating system as the iPhone because it’s an android.

Apart from the price tag, it’s safe to assume that the phone won’t even come close to being like the iPhone X in terms of performance for reasons already mentioned and the fact that the rumored specs for now point to it being a mid-range phone.

The Leagoo S8, which was an imitation of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is an example of this, a physical copy of the phone but performance of a mid or low-end device.

Many Chinese companies do this, Leagoo is not the only one. These types of phones are popular in China as it provides people a cheaper way of following the latest trend in phones without having to buy the actual phones.

The iPhone X is not your typical smartphone. Apart from a variety of new features, it has a distinct look as well. So, when a company tries to copy the design, it becomes blatantly obvious that the design has been copied from Apple.

Leagoo is known for producing copy phones like these. It’s a relatively small company so it remains to be seen what Apple does about this, if they decide to take any action at all given their history with Samsung about copying ideas. This isn’t even copying ideas, this is an obvious copy of their design.

Nevertheless, if you’re one of those people who like to stay with the current trend or want to have your own ‘notch’ phone but don’t feel like spending $999 then this phone is a great deal for you. It doesn’t cost as much, and it will still get you the latest Apple look without giving up Android as well if you’re comfortable with Android.

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