The New ‘PUBG’ Patch Brings Exciting Updates And Features

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The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Patch no. 25 has finally arrived which is bringing tons of updates and new features. Some requested changes have also been made in the gameplay to offer gamers the best experience.

Today we are going to break down all the latest features here, so without further ado let’s get started. Firstly, the new patch is now available on PC’s live server which was also released on test servers but was taken down for maintenance.

Now the corporation has released the 9GB patch to the public but some of the features did not make it out of testing including the most notable snow bike vehicle which the players were desperately waiting for. We are still going to discuss it all that was present in the Patch 25 notes.

Bizon (PP-19):

So the first thing here is Bizon SMG which will be available only in Erangel and Vikendi. It is coming in as a 9mm SMG that will hold 53 rounds by default. You can not equip it with grips or magazines, it only takes muzzle and sight attachment. A compensator on the Bison muzzle is probably going to be the best choice mainly considering that it does not have a grip.

Image by PlayerUnkonw’s Battleground

Canted Sights:

The other exciting update is the Canted Sights. This has been a request by people since the Vikendi map came out as it was shown in the trailer. So basically it is a new scope attachment which allows using a secondary scope with it.

This will really improve the aiming by allowing you to aim quickly using a red dot for close quarter and can instantly switch back to the scope for longer range shooting. This attachment will serve perfect for weapons that excel at the range by giving the ability to sight up close.

The Canted Sight can be attached to basically any weapon and then you can switch in between the sights using the Alt + Right click. You can also select anyone (canted or regular) to be the primary sight which will depend upon the one you equip first.

Image by PlayerUnknown’s Battleground


There will be new Snowbike which is not currently available but will come later on. This is obviously different than a regular motorcycle, it is quicker and has better mobility than the snowmobile. However, it is much less durable and can be easily destroyed. Once the Snowbike will become available, the standard motorcycle will no longer spawn on Vikendi which is fair enough as it is a snow themed map.

Image by PlayerUnknown’s Battleground

Moonlight (Night Mode):

Another pretty cool addition in the game is a new weather setting in Vikendi map which is called the Moonlight. This setting will offer night gameplay with a big glowing super moon and bright aurora borealis for detecting the enemies.

Image by PlayerUnknown’s Battleground


Lastly, some changes have been made in the gameplay like the vest is now modified and will receive less damage amount. This is an exciting change as now you will not have to constantly look for fresh vests or try not to destroy vests on other players.

The damage system of throwable weapons have also been modified, this will solve the issue of line-of-sight grenades which become less effective even behind tiny little things. The effectiveness of throwable weapons is increased which makes more sense as now people won’t be getting saved by broom handles and other small objects.

The Level 3 helmets and vests will be much harder to find as they have been reduced. They have also reduced the delay when opening a parachute, this will make the player able to change directions much earlier.

Bluezone has also been adjusted and it will be generated further away from the center and its last zone will result in more damage to the players. A new option has been added which will set default firing modes for all weapon classes and there is a new skin that tracks down the number of kills.

So these are all the new updates and features of the PUBG Patch no. 25. I hope you enjoyed the roundup, if you have any queries then make sure to drop down a comment below.

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